Month: <span>March 2019</span>

Omar Bowing – “Women”

Omar Bowing – “Women” – Single Review If you just tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’re here to find out a few more thoughts on Omar Bowing’s latest single “Women” – and if you didn’t check out the show already, first of all welcome, and secondly – do yourself a […]Read More

SBS Podcast 066

Gettin’ all kinds of loud & rowdy on this episode as we shift between the layers of Rock in all forms found throughout the independent music-scene. Come get yourself some sonic vitamins for your earholes! We got brand-new cuts from Closer and Omar Bowing on the show, plus all kinds of badass music from Kostis […]Read More

Saison Enfer – Three Seasons

Saison Enfer – Three Seasons – EP Review Alright…I can get behind this. In fact, I’d go as far as to say they’ve got me listening…I’m interested in where Saison Enfer is gonna go with their music & career.  I mean, let’s face facts…it’s not every day that you stumble upon a Rock band from […]Read More


SILVERSAGE – “Wake Up” – Single Review Now…if you read these pages on the regular, you know I spin these songs & records relentlessly as I’m reviewing them, that’s just how I roll.  But I don’t want to take any credit away from the impact Las Vegas-based SILVERSAGE makes with just one listen to their […]Read More

Isabella García – “La Cadera”

Beautiful young singer/songwriter/musical multi-talent Isabella García is making all kinds of blissful uniqueness come to life through the speakers & screen for her latest single “La Cadera.”  With an extraordinarily exotic style in the mix for ya, the Los Angeles-based artist embraces culture and colorful sound throughout “La Cadera,” singing with gorgeous tones, impressive technique, […]Read More

Schwab The Autodidact – YouTube Singles

Schwab The Autodidact – YouTube Singles – Singles Review Representing Columbus, Ohio, y’all – Schwab The Autodidact on the m-i-c. Definitely an emcee to keep an eye & an ear on; obviously you can see from the picture that Schwab The Autodidact is still a young man by all accounts…lots of room to grow still […]Read More

Jime Pereyra – “Aquí me Quedaré”

Jime sure seems like our kind of people! With an empowering & uplifting energy & sound, singer/songwriter Jime Pereyra turns an ordinary day into an extraordinary dance party in her latest video, expertly directed by Sergio Toño Pinto, called “Aquí me Quedaré.”  Translated into English in the world according to Google, “Aquí me Quedaré” means […]Read More

The Vanilla Milkshakes – Punching Cows

The Vanilla Milkshakes – Punching Cows – Album Review Well if there’s one thing that’s certainly obvious & undisputed, it’s that this is clearly, without question, 100% definitely, a record that was made & played through Kurt Cobain’s amp. Inside joke (Hi Jack!).  Maybe I’ll explain it.  Later. Aside from releasing their cover of Nirvana’s […]Read More

Jordan Carroll – “Foxy Lady”

Jordan Carroll – “Foxy Lady” – Single Review Technically I’ve dealt with Jordan Carroll more times than songs I’ve heard from him or featured the guy up on these pages of ours…dude’s practically like family at this point & one of the nicest people you’ll run into out there in the scene today.  Don’t get […]Read More

Danesh – “Qui Con Te”

Danesh – “Qui Con Te” – Music Video Release/Review Some afternoon cartoons for ya!  You know you want’em just as much as I do.  I love animated videos and this band Danesh has got themselves a seriously awesome one to support their brand-new single “Qui Con Te” – from the music to the visuals, this […]Read More

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