Closer – “New Wave Cult Sanctuary”

These fantastic, slick & sly, noise-rock motherfuckers!

Closer is BACK and sounding like they’re ready to melt your speakers with their new single “New Wave Cult Sanctuary” and melt your brain with the new video to support it!  I’ve been waiting for this day to come for some time now – as I’d imagine many of you out there have been…Closer has been continually kicking ALL the ass out there in the Vancouver music-scene and dominating stages over the past five-ish years or so by now I figure – they gave us the split EP with Fey called Sugar in 2015…which incidentally also contained this song…but just like Bruce Banner changes into the motherfuckin’ HULK – this new recording is a solid reflection of just how monstrously huge the sound of Closer has become.  PLUS this video!  You kidding me?  Diane Liz Lindo deserves a massive fist-bump of approval for crushing this visually and making the most of the band’s madness & mayhem in sound come to life onscreen in a whole new way through smart stop-motion & imagery that makes all kinds of giant impacts & political statements along the way.  This machine is humming along fuckin’ FIERCELY now – Closer’s got themselves a badass, in-your-face single with “New Wave Cult Sanctuary” and a wicked video that nails the vibe entirely.  MORE than solid stuff all-around – I’m freakin STOKED that Closer’s got their new EP coming out soon…this first offering already shows they’re at the top of their game right now and I know there’s much more in the tank to come from these guys this year still…so buckle-up hombres & be ready – “the Closer in the mirror may be more objects than they appear,” as they say.  Okay no one actually says that; but what I’m getting at is, these guys got a lot to be excited about this year – and as a result, you do too.

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