Soul Recruiter – “A Better Way” Featuring Nichole Turner & NoahSoundz

 Soul Recruiter – “A Better Way” Featuring Nichole Turner & NoahSoundz

Soul Recruiter – “A Better Way” Featuring Nichole Turner & NoahSoundz – Single Review

No better day than Sunday to drop some new Soul Recruiter up on ya!

Y’all know this name by now…we’ve been featuring this faith-based project in review over the past year or so, from the early days all the way back to mid-2018 with the release of Gospel Bass Vol. 1 Ridin Music to the last single we checked out earlier this month called “Streetz Of AK” which featured Warren Young – Soul Recruiter’s songs have found their way to our pages in some, way, shape or form multiple times.  Dig the collaborative spirit you’ll find in this project as well; the quality is always there when it comes to Soul Recruiter’s music & production, so it always counts for a lot when it comes to who ends up being on the mic and what’s being communicated through the lyricism.  As you can always expect – Soul Recruiter brings an unfiltered approach to faith-based tunes that exposes the dark and sheds light on the path towards “A Better Way” – and you’ll certainly hear that refreshing combination here again.

With frequent guest-star Nichole Turner in the mix to provide the wild chorus hooks and NoahSoundz on the mic just past the two-minute mark to make mincemeat out of the bars and flex some serious speed & skill, together, they all take you into a tale inspired by those that have lost their way…in particular, the youth locked up in juvenile detention in Texas, which the main man behind Soul Recruiter’s music works with directly when he ain’t makin’ music.  As per the standards & intentions set in the past, the opening bars and rap from Soul Recruiter comes out swinging confidently, with REAL imagery & scenarios depicted through the words and their meanings drawn out by the tone of his voice.  Nichole Turner does an excellent job of putting real charisma into the hooks of this song…she’s right into it here, and truly, the writing of the part itself could have gone any which way – she’s found a fantastically wild melody to work with & a highly expressive way to sing this song in a vibrant way that’ll make a memorable impact.  I believe that’s Turner you’ll hear floating throughout the background at times as well…which is an essential part of the mystique that comes through “A Better Way” and helps add to the atmosphere of brilliant percussion, low-end, piano, big synths, & smart samples laced into the experience – there’s like a heartbeat pulse to this song that seems to tick along with the music of this single, adding to the intensity and sense of urgency that comes along with the messages you’ll find within the lyricism.  You add in significant details like the gunshots and screams at the beginning, and the wise wisdom of the vocal sample that’s revealed at the end in the conclusion of “A Better Way” and the story presented in between by Soul Recruiter and NoahSoundz on the m-i-c – and you’ve got the blueprint for success on “A Better Way.”  It’s ultimately positive Hip-Hop – all Soul Recruiter’s music truly is, no matter how deep it’ll dive into the dark to create the imagery, atmosphere, or meanings are – what this project does connects to listeners by not dancing around the subjects it takes on thematically – Soul Recruiter faces the music head-on, literally and metaphorically.  If you know the history & legend of this project, you know it’s born out of real experience – and that unbreakable bond between the past & present is what fuels the fire in Soul Recruiter today…taking that knowledge of what the streets can really be like and turning these true stories into cautionary tales that you’ll still wanna bump way up loud on your stereo.  Essential stuff from Nichole Turner, absolutely electrifying performance, supercharged bars and energy from NoahSoundz, and as always, a committed performance and quality song from Soul Recruiter – “A Better Way” reveals the versatile ideas in the music you’ll find in this project and the powerful messages & admirable intentions that come along with it.  Definitely another solid cut in Soul Recruiter’s catalog.

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