Sienná – “What Matters”

 Sienná – “What Matters”

Sienná – “What Matters” – Single Review

The prodigal daughter of all-things-MUSIC returns to our pages – Sienná is back with a STUNNING new single in 2019 called “What Matters.”  Chances are, if you’re reading this review, you’re well familiar with the name of this incredibly innovative artist and her masterful touch on Electro/Atmospheric tracks that’ll take you to an altogether different, beautiful, and unique world full of amazing sounds she designs.  It’d be impossible for us to forget her music here or the impact she’s already made on us through her amazing 2017 album Q.O.S – Sienná would go on to slay the competition from the start to the end of it, securing the number one spot through our reader-based voting in our yearly quest for the Best New Sound – and she remains proudly up on display in our wall of fame section to this very day, which is also right there on the front of our homepage.  All because she was voted in by YOU!  And of course the fact that she makes unbelievably awesome music of course…that helped her victory as well.

But no excuses dear readers, dear friends – one way or the other, Sienná is a name you should know.

“What Matters” is about as beautiful & serene as melancholy can possibly be.  While there are certainly emotions that’ll pull at the heartstrings through both her vocals and music on this single – I wouldn’t go nearly as far as to say Sienná is anything close to unhappy here.  She’s observant, grounded, realistic, objective…and perhaps above all things, accepting…she presents a very ‘things are how they are or how they’re meant to be’ perspective through her words, and a reminder for us all to remember “What Matters” in our own lives while she reflects upon hers.  Or at the very least, that’s what I was getting out of it…we all know music & art is an interpretive thing…”What Matters” to you, might be different than “What Matters” to me – but with that being said, we’re all unified & bonded through the universal language of music.  We might all have our own individual theories or ideas of what the meanings in her poetic words may be…but when it comes to what sounds great, it’s a conclusion we can all agree on.  You get more than the best of both worlds here – you get Sienná’s world – vocally & musically, she’s found an incredibly expressive & truly gorgeous set of melodies & sounds to form her brand-new single.

Not that we’d expect anything less from her here at SBS mind you, Sienná was after all, voted our Best New Sound in 2017 – excellence & innovation in music is essentially synonymous with her name.

I love the humble sound of her vocals on this song…let’s be clear about that to begin with – but I also have to say, that first transition back into an instrumental section around the fifty-second-ish mark, was also a huge highlight; the music immediately reveals another massive layer of depth & emotion that proves just how effectively Sienná can communicate without a single word at all if she wants to.  Whether she’s singing or whether she’s not – what she has done for certain, is make sure that absolutely every second of the impressively mixed sounds of “What Matters” completely captivates at all times.  We’re not talking about any kind of small or insignificant achievement here either – “What Matters” is more than six minutes long, explores some extremely chilled-out & dreamy vibes, and has a really gentle & fragile cadence to its entire sound…to come out this interesting, this compelling, AND keep us this engaged & on the edge of our seats at the same time is something to truly marvel at.  Sienná has such a beautifully artistic perspective when it comes to making music and she’s 100% capable of creating anything she wants to with the immaculate skillset & ear for sound that she has…sometimes I just have to sit back and listen to a song like “What Matters” and take a moment or two to really appreciate just how extraordinary the uniqueness in her music truly is.  My ears are invested in “What Matters at all times.  I’m sure there’s a huge debate to be had when it comes to what ‘timeless’ music is all about; I’m sure the purists out there would limit it only to traditional Rock/Pop bands relegated to our history by now – but eventually, Electro will be recognized for containing moments that are just as equally important.  And when that day comes – it’s going to be artists like Sienná that are going to be heralded even more-so than perhaps they are today…the innovators…the leaders…the artists like her that are unafraid to pursue their art & creativity with zero limitations and express themselves as they truly are.

Because that my friends, when it comes to music, is exactly “What Matters.”

Her new single is absolutely a timeless tune & it displays Sienná’s songwriting at the top of her game.  To support it even further, she’s got a perfectly suited set of visuals in the video for “What Matters” as well that contributes to the mood, feeling, atmosphere, premise, intentions, and sentiment of her new song.  You get the idea, I’ve got a lot of adjectives – but lots are warranted here – when there’s essentially no possible way to describe something you hear in words, you naturally try to use ALL of them to compensate; ultimately, I may never be able to express just how strongly I feel about Sienná’s music.  Especially this new song…I’m absolutely wowed from beginning to end by “What Matters” and think she’s got a spectacular song that speaks straight to the heart & soul.  Her expert use of pace & space throughout the movement & structure leads every single note to have its own place and make an important contribution to the overall song…there’s absolute nothing I’d change about this audio gem.

Look…it would have been hard to assume that Sienná was going to get much better than she already was…she’s a true champion of sound, always has been, always will be I’m sure – but I gotta say, “What Matters” exceeded even my own wild expectations and hopes for her music – I seriously think she’s got a phenomenal cut and song to be proud of – this connects, 100%.  I’ve said it in the past and I’m sure I’ll be saying it still plenty in the future – Sienná has that intangible X-factor that any artist would be envious of…she has the ability to translate genuine emotion into musical notes and creates atmospheres that feel so real, like these songs she makes have somehow been a part of us all along.  I’m beyond impressed with what she’s come up with once again on her latest single…”What Matters” confirms that Sienná’s creativity knows no bounds and that her mastery of melody is at an all-time high right now.

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