Month: <span>March 2018</span>

Skip N’ Rox – “Narcos”

“Tell your baby-mama that I bring the party out on a Wednesday.” Salute to that!  Figure it’s only fair that we post this up on that very day to drive the point home.  These homies are doin’ thangs RIGHT!  Check out the flawless flow and smooth sounds of the duo known as Skip N’ Rox […]Read More

Kama Vardi – “Whatever Will Be”

Kama Vardi – “Whatever Will Be” – Single Review There are sooooooooo many wonderful things I have to say about this new single from Kama Vardi.  I honestly feel like I must have put on “Whatever Will Be” hours ago…and with the gentle sway of her tender, heartfelt vocals, I drifted off with the song […]Read More

#beyourself with Grey Wiese in 2018!

#beyourself with Grey Wiese this month! On March 30th of 2018, the vibrantly expressive, innovative, and imaginative debut from German singer/songwriter Grey Wiese called #beyourself is set to be officially released, marking the start of an adventure in music so strong & supportive, you could call it an entire movement. Embracing the freedom of being […]Read More

Omar Bowing – “Already Missing You”

Omar Bowing – “Already Missing You” – Single Review On the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, I ranted for a minute or two about the music of the enigmatic crew in Omar Bowing and how they consistently bring something different to the table each time we hear something new from the band.  And of […]Read More

Mackadenice – “Eatin”

Mackadenice – “Eatin” – Music Video Release/Review If you’ve tuned in to the recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ve already heard this kickass anthem.  If you watched the latest episode of SBS Live This Week, you’ve watched the wicked lyric video that supports the latest single from Mackadenice.  If you’re up to speed on […]Read More

Risbrand MichaelBobby – “Conquer It All”

Risbrand MichaelBobby – “Conquer It All” – Music Video Release/Review “In life, if you want something, you gotta work & go get it.” Certainly been digging the vibe in the Hip-Hop that’s been coming our way in 2018 – lots of that real positivity happening out there within the scene & Rap community has definitely […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 085

Catch a set from Fatal Instinct LIVE @ Olympia in Surrey, BC on the latest episode of the First Five Years from SBS & make sure to stick around for one of the latest videos from Mackadenice in the spotlight with his brand-new cut Eatin’!Read More

Erik Odsell – “Getaway Car”

Erik Odsell – “Getaway Car” – Single Review I think what I appreciate most about Erik Odsell’s music to a large degree, is that you can hear the continual effort being made to step-up his game from song to song as they come out.  As to which direction is the right way to go…that’s where […]Read More

Erica James – “Breathe”

Erica James – “Breathe” – Music Video Release/Review Dig this!  The confident sound of Erica James on the mic! This fine entertainer & singer/songwriter has a bold sound that’s sure to take her places.  On her new video for the song “Breathe” from her Crave EP, Erica revitalizes this cut for right here & now, […]Read More

ShawnDonSg – “Keep Moving”

Putting the handles on display on the court and verbally on the mic, hip-hop artist ShawnDonSg has created a sincere & motivational cut with a smooth vibe that’s real easy to get right into on his latest single “Keep Moving.”  From the streets to the studio, ShawnDonSg takes you for a trip through a day […]Read More

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