Risbrand MichaelBobby – “Conquer It All”

 Risbrand MichaelBobby – “Conquer It All”

Risbrand MichaelBobby – “Conquer It All” – Music Video Release/Review

In life, if you want something, you gotta work & go get it.

Certainly been digging the vibe in the Hip-Hop that’s been coming our way in 2018 – lots of that real positivity happening out there within the scene & Rap community has definitely been making its way into the music being made.  This new cut from Risbrand MichaelBobby fits right in with what the people are connecting to in the Hip-Hop on their playlists right now…tracks like “Conquer It All” are essential as vitamins in how they provide that fuel for the soul and inspire us all to reach for our own goals in life.

I really get into lyricism that combines genuine sentiment & ambition like this.  Seems to me like this homie’s got it all figured out and he’s well on his way on the right path with his combination of message & music here on “Conquer It All.”  For those of us that are awake & paying attention out there – just think of ANY of your own personal heroes and how they got to be where they are today…chances are they didn’t just luck it out, they WORKED for it…they put their heart, soul, blood, sweat & tears into their every move, determined to out-hustle the rest to get to their goals – just like Risband MichaelBobby sounds like he’s ready, willing, & able to do through the words on “Conquer It All.”

What you really gotta appreciate though, is just how much MAKING a song like “Conquer It All” speaks directly to the core of its whole theme…that idea of going after it with everything you’ve got – that’s exactly what RMB is doing, right here, right now, by following his own dreams of being an artist, now on a platform that allows him to take his own inspiration and pass that feeling on to others out there.  The fact that he’s recorded “Conquer It All” and made a killer video to go with it, really shows that he IS out there doing the WORK…that it’s not just talk, but action as well.

Risbrand MichaelBobby raps with a versatile rhythm that switches gears along the way as the song continues to build on the intensity & sincerity of the message in the lyricism, audibly amping you up & inspiring YOU to ‘Go get it, go get it, go get it, go get it!’  Dude’s got great flow over the bars of “Conquer It All” and a video that is visually uplifting to match the vibe of this single – but lyrically, I think that’s where the magic is really happening on RMB’s new tune.  Like, take this one line in particular…there’s a ton I agree with him on, but this specific line, I couldn’t possibly agree with him more:

But the trick is, you’re not supposed to ever give up.  Cause if you do – then you ain’t want it bad enough.

Right in the breakdown, when he says this, it’s clear as day…and with all the surrounding context in the words around that line, you hear all the supporting evidence you need as to why that’s a FACT.  I’ve always said that it takes multiple sleepless nights and many, many days to get to that full list of accomplishments we all want to say we achieved along the way…your art is going to try to kill you in the process…there are going to be obstacles you will have to overcome in order to reach them.  “Conquer It All” is a bold reminder that the potential to do all that is LIMITLESS – but that you have to be willing to put your passion at the forefront, whatever your own passion may be.  Clearly it’s rappin’ & rhymin’ for Risbrand MichaelBobby, and inspiring the people out there listening to reach for their dreams while he turns his own into reality – this emcee makes a powerful & empowering statement on “Conquer It All.”

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