Month: <span>March 2018</span>

Roddy P$ – “Trap Zone”

Presented by the one & only Funky Skunk smoke shop – this is one time where you WANT the CEO involved!  The man behind the movement, the top dog, the head homie…you know who I’m talking about – Roddy P$, the head of Funky Skunk throws down on the mic for the new single “Trap […]Read More

Ayush Rai – “Change”

Come experience what “Change” looks & sounds like through the new single/video from Ayush Rai!  With a brilliantly slick & smooth approach to electro and a highly entertaining visual experience to go with it through the brand-new animated video, “Change” completely welcomes you right into the digitally melodic world of sound that Ayush Rai is […]Read More

Juan Donovan – “Chains” Featuring Danni Jackson

Juan Donovan – “Chains” Featuring Danni Jackson – Music Video Release/Review It’s the official release day – this is as fresh as it gets! Electro artist Juan Donovan’s latest single “Chains” features a bold & empowered sound through the stunning edit & movement of the music, all the more heightened & complemented by the brilliantly […]Read More

Phil Lomac – “Northern Lights”

Impressive new cut from a versatile artist – Phil Lomac brings a melodic approach to the sound of the Indie/Folk/Rock combination he’s got goin’ on in his latest single “Northern Lights.”  This tune is the lead-cut from his latest record Northern Cities Southern Stars, which is out there and available now – give yourself an […]Read More

Chasing Giants – Dangerous

Chasing Giants – Dangerous – EP Review I’m really interested to hear what other people out there are thinking about this new debut EP from Chasing Giants…there’s an approach to music that this band is taking advantage of that could very well work in their favor – but make no mistake, as good as it […]Read More

Porcelain People – “Heart Thumping Like”

Porcelain People – “Heart Thumping Like” – Single Review Well check out these two will ya?  The duo of Josh Thornhill and Fred Kalil out of LA are making some pretty damn sweet sounds as Porcelain People, this new shimmery pop-electro jam they’ve got goin’ on called “Heart Thumping Like” seems destined to find a […]Read More

Samer Abou Hassan – “So Beautiful”

Samer Abou Hassan – “So Beautiful” – Music Video Release/Review Step into the world of visionary artist Samer Abou Hassan through the stunning new combination of audio/visual on his latest single “So Beautiful.”  Truly exceptional stuff!  Samer is clearly just as talented in the video-making process as he is with his music, all leading to […]Read More

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