Month: <span>March 2018</span>

SBS Podcast 047

Awesomeness in audio form! Come get some new tunes & info in ya, featuring highlights and rants on the music of Illusionaut, Clay Hughes, and Sham Gabr!  Additional cuts on the show from Joe Jermano, The Drama Dolls, Kemikal Storm, Skelley’s Dream, Melonvine, Randy Steele, and Nick de la Hoyde – come get some!   […]Read More

Clay Hughes – “Atmosphere”

Clay Hughes – “Atmosphere” – Music Video Release/Review Don’t call it a comeback – he’s been here for years! Though it is somewhat…rumor has it that artist Clay Hughes has been away from music for a while, but according to his website, social-media & all that, we’ve got him back.  This is my first experience […]Read More

Scane – “Ass On Her” Featuring Ray J

Scane – “Ass On Her” Featuring Ray J – Music Video Release/Review I might not know everything when it comes to anything about this world…I’m realistic about that.  I’m one of those people that can accept what I don’t know – I know it’s important to seek out advice from the experts when you need […]Read More

Scarlett – “Prison Of Your Mind”

This four-piece rock band continues to impress and excel, showcasing their recent live performance at MadLife Stage & Studios!  You probably remember Scarlett from our feature earlier this month, when we pumped-out their live cover of David Bowie’s massive hit “Heroes” – and now the boys are back in town already with a brand-new video […]Read More

Nullsaurus – Soundcloud Songs

Nullsaurus – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review Always excellent to check out what Nullsaurus is up to – I feel like it’s a project that’s inclined to always keep us guessing as to what might come next.  Been about a year or so since we listened to & reviewed the Nullsaurus self-titled EP – and […]Read More

Kamryn Marie – “Together”

If you checked out the recent episode of the First Five Years on SBS Live This Week – you’ve already experienced the uplifting vibe of singer/songwriter Kamryn Marie in her lead-single called “Together” from her upcoming 2018 album – and good on ya for tuning in to the show!  But!  To make sure we cover […]Read More

Ogre Man – Unhappy Gilmore 3.5

Ogre Man – Unhappy Gilmore 3.5 – Album Review “And if you ain’t know by now, you bout to know right now regardless.” That’s the word from DJ CAYNE on the way into the new record from Ogre Man, Unhappy Gilmore 3.5.  I definitely can’t argue that point – after listening, I feel informed…I at […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 087

A new set from the First Five Years series on SBS Live This Week – check out folk-singer Kristia Di Gregorio at sleepingbagstudios from 2015 in an acoustic performance.  Stick around as we switch up the vibe to Pop/Electro and add the lead-single/video “Together” by Kamryn Marie from her upcoming 2018 album into the spotlight!Read More

0195 – Kristia Di Gregorio Album III

More shots from our time with the wonderfully expressive & artistic musical-goddess Kristia Di Gregorio from her time on SBS Live This Week alongside her husband/music-partner Tony.  I’ve said it a ton and I’ll say it again – these two are beautiful people inside & out – an absolute pleasure to have in the studio […]Read More

Guru Goldie – “Neva Had Shyt”

Aight homies – listen UP! Guru Goldie tells it like it is yo!  “Neva Had Shyt” – the brand-new single/video from his upcoming mixtape Rose Goldie makes a seriously memorable impact through the bright visuals onscreen and the deep hooks in the music – the man is killin’ it from all angles on this cut.  […]Read More