Skip N’ Rox – “Narcos”

 Skip N’ Rox – “Narcos”

Tell your baby-mama that I bring the party out on a Wednesday.

Salute to that!  Figure it’s only fair that we post this up on that very day to drive the point home.  These homies are doin’ thangs RIGHT!  Check out the flawless flow and smooth sounds of the duo known as Skip N’ Rox in this killer new video for their cut “Narcos” that emulates the hit Netflix show onscreen…only this time with the added benefit of the skewed perspective of a wicked collaboration happening in hip-hop right now.  Highly skilled & obviously packin’ heat when it comes to the sense of humor in Skip N’ Rox – whether it’s the lit flow of the bars in the verses, or the chilled out hooks that continually invite us all in to listen, or the seriously incredible effort they’ve put into the video for “Narcos” and stunning results they’ve achieved – these two guys are making sure they cover all the angles and give you just as much to listen to as to look at with their new single.  For real – this is worth every second of your time, it’s brilliantly well-shot & edited, rockin’ a bilingual vibe, and is purely all-out entertainment on every level – check it out for yourself – push play on “Narcos” by Skip N’ Rox below!

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