Erica James – “Breathe”

 Erica James – “Breathe”

Erica James – “Breathe” – Music Video Release/Review

Dig this!  The confident sound of Erica James on the mic!

This fine entertainer & singer/songwriter has a bold sound that’s sure to take her places.  On her new video for the song “Breathe” from her Crave EP, Erica revitalizes this cut for right here & now, giving this single off the record the onscreen visual support it deserves!

If you tuned into the recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ve heard us spin the song – now you can watch the video for yourself and have a look/listen to the multiple reasons the buzz behind the music of Erica James continues to grow strongly & supportively.  “Breathe” has a wonderful blend of sound and a comprehensive style that incorporates R&B, Rock, & Pop into hooks that’ll sink right in to your ears.  Lyrically, Erica has created a powerful & empowering song that summons the strength to examine life & love from an objective angle that’s realistic, relatable, and ultimately, serves as a reminder that we’re all survivors when it comes to relationships, moving out of them, and moving on.  What I loved about Erica’s vocals and writing on “Breathe” is how connected she is with the material and how real she makes this moment…it’s through a performance as emotionally loaded as this is that a song like this can serve a higher purpose.  “Breathe” can be that song that someone needs to hear at just the right time to remind them that everything WILL work out for the best in the end & that no matter how dark it gets, there will be light again.

So, salute to a job well done!  I think Erica James gives you plenty of reason to listen and just as many to watch through the brand-new video for “Breathe” – it’s stylistically put together and edited with a beautiful flow of visuals that work insightfully well with the music…props to Kate Yorga for the direction.  All-in-all it’s a song that will exceed your own expectations; you’ll like it at first, but I bet you’ll be surprised at just how addictive this single becomes when checking it out again – it’s a highly repeatable experience in quality audio/visual entertainment and a solid checkmark in the WIN column for Canadian Erica James.

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