Kama Vardi – “Whatever Will Be”

 Kama Vardi – “Whatever Will Be”

Kama Vardi – “Whatever Will Be” – Single Review

There are sooooooooo many wonderful things I have to say about this new single from Kama Vardi.  I honestly feel like I must have put on “Whatever Will Be” hours ago…and with the gentle sway of her tender, heartfelt vocals, I drifted off with the song on repeat…not asleep, just frozen, listening.  What an extraordinarily gifted artist!  It seemed like it was hours later that I even began to type, I sat there just absolutely fascinated with this sweet & pure melody she’s created on “Whatever Will Be.”

So naturally, once I snapped back into reality to write this review, I started to scan social media & whatnot to find out what I could learn about Kama Vardi.  From what I can see, she put out a record at the end of 2012 called ForegetMeNot…and though it’s been a while, she’s still doing what she loves & performing as a musician where she’s based out of in Tel Aviv, Israel.  After listening to “Whatever Will Be” I’m almost willing to fly there just to hear her play this song live if I have to…there’s just so much to love about this single.  The song itself comes from a compilation record called Push Power Hits Vol. 9 – and they’ve certainly chosen wisely if they’re featuring this stunning single as a way to pull people into this album – I’d absolutely want to hear the rest of whatever else might be on an album with “Whatever Will Be,” you’ve definitely gotta assume that someone over there in Push Power Hits land certainly has an ear for amazing tunes if they’ve picked this one out from Kama Vardi.  Which brings me to another point – which is to NEVER underestimate the power of the compilation record!  I cannot even begin to express the sheer number of amazing bands & artists I’ve found over the years that I would have never been shown by the mainstream; so many of them have become my favorites over time.  All this being said – sometimes it’s just the right motivation and inspiration an artist like Kama might need to get back into the studio more often and fill this entire world with her beautiful music…but I think the common consensus between us all after listening to “Whatever Will Be” is that we’ll ALL be thankful she’s back, even if it’s just the one song for now.  Like I said, chances are, you’ll find multiple reasons to listen to the Push Power Hits Vol. 9 collection if you can find a song & artist as stunning as this upon it.

I’ve never been ashamed to admit just how much I love a beautiful melody in music.  The humble & sweet sound of Kama’s vocals is such an amazing fit to the subtle way that the gentle way that “Whatever Will Be” flows along…she maximizes every moment with genuine heart & a truly angelic approach that is so gorgeous it is absolutely breathtaking.  You can sincerely hear the performer and entertainer that exists in Kama, there’s just a hint of theatrical inclinations in the way she sings this tune, or stylistic movements at the very least…whatever it is she’s doing, she adds the perfect amount of all the ingredients combined to create one of the sweetest songs & melodies I’ve heard this year without question.  LISTEN to the beauty in this music!  The gentle acoustic notes, the subtle bass tones and how they insightfully complement the vocals, the BRILLIANT use of keyboards/piano & other atmospheric elements in the music as it builds to surround Kama’s gorgeous vocals in the chorus…the straight-up jaw-dropping choice made in the songwriting to create that chord progression as she sings the main hooks of “Whatever Will Be” – I could honestly listen to this on repeat for days & days & days, likely years & years & years.  It’s enchanting, it’s beautiful, it’s absolutely timeless, and an extraordinary song to experience.  “Whatever Will Be” has certainly put a bright spotlight on an artist that I’ll never forget listening to for the very first time…that’s how strong of an impact Kama makes with the most gentle of songs, which in itself is quite impressive, but there’s every reason to notice this innocent & intimate tune, it’s flawless.

Find out more about Kama Vardi at her official Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Kamavardiofficial/

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