Month: <span>June 2017</span>

Vince Grant – “Edge Of The World”

Seems as if singer/songwriter Vince Grant has plenty of reasons to be sorry…and he’s ready to explain all of them over the course of his latest single/video for “Edge Of The World.”  Certainly sounds sincere enough in what he’s singing about to me – check it out for yourself below! Find out more about Vince […]Read More

IJK – “Dancing Shadows”

IJK – “Dancing Shadows” – Single Review It’s never a bad thing when 77306 people overwhelmingly agree on something.  Currently that’s where the hit-count stands on the release of the latest single “Dancing Shadows” by Imad Jack Karam, aka IJK.  What you’ll also see are a whole ton of thumbs pointing straight-up to support it…and […]Read More

Gee Kazz & Young Moses – “Ballers Ave”

Gee Kazz & Young Moses – “Ballers Ave” – Single Review I mean if you really wanna be a ‘baller’ you gotta own your look right?  Gee Kazz gets that…hell, Young Moses gets it too – dude rocks a crazy haircut but he owns it with confidence.  Not like I can say much on that […]Read More

Fast Talkers – Suburban Nowhere

Fast Talkers – Suburban Nowhere – EP Review This works for me!  Listening to the new EP from Fast Talkers was like listening to an old EP from Death Cab For Cutie, back when the recordings and writings had equally stunning levels of honesty.  On those early records from Death Cab you could hear the […]Read More

Mike Tro – Dreams

Mike Tro – Dreams – Singles Review/Album Sampler Been a minute or two since we heard from mic-maestro Mike Tro…looks like around the end of the year in 2015 when we checked out his record Who I Am…(Hello My Name Is).  If you click that link there and check out the ol’ archives and read […]Read More

Luna 13

Luna 13 is an LA band with a difference and a mission. In the midst of screaming guitars and doomy bass riffs, they are creating a new, equally brutal sound, and all without a stringed instrument to their name. But how can an enigmatic frontwoman and her mysterious musical partner produce one of the heaviest […]Read More

Rev. Peter Unger – “You Are Not Alone”

It would appear that the good Reverend Peter Unger is back once again with a tender, sentimental and well-intentioned, heartfelt melody – check out his latest through the lyric video for his new single “You Are Not Alone” below! Be the next artist or band to have your latest song or video featured on our […]Read More

Kopus Mellini – “Elevator”

“Ain’t no one fuckin with Ciroc!”  Damn straight homie. Rapper Kopus Mellini is back in the mix with a brand-new single for you to turn up & puff, puff, pass to a friend – it’s called “Elevator.”  With a deadly pace and sounding bold & confident on the mic – Mellini moves through his new […]Read More

Static Choke – Low Resolution Solution

Static Choke – Low Resolution Solution – EP Review Let it not be said that you can’t accomplish a whole hell of a lot on the inside of two minutes if you know how to really make the most out of a moment in time.  Static Choke gets it – this three-piece band of punks […]Read More

Chris Murphy – “Hard Bargain”

Chris Murphy – “Hard Bargain” – Single Review Well…I’d be lying to ya if I said I wasn’t entertained by this. Initially when I saw Chris Murphy onstage in his latest video for the single “Hard Bargain” I thought we’d be in for an instrumental.  This guy!  Starts it all off with an spectacular riff […]Read More