IJK – “Dancing Shadows”

 IJK – “Dancing Shadows”

IJK – “Dancing Shadows” – Single Review

It’s never a bad thing when 77306 people overwhelmingly agree on something.  Currently that’s where the hit-count stands on the release of the latest single “Dancing Shadows” by Imad Jack Karam, aka IJK.  What you’ll also see are a whole ton of thumbs pointing straight-up to support it…and so far, not a single person out of 77306 people has found a reason to dislike it – do you know how truly rare that is?  Universal agreement through a universally accessible sound?  I’ll tell you myself – it almost never happens…even major-label artists/bands would be extremely lucky to find a song that works so well that 77306 people dig it without a single complaint!  Clearly “Dancing Shadows” is off to a great start.

Sometimes people just wanna hear a really great tune…sometimes they just wanna dance, sing-along, be entertained – and I think that’s where Lebanese singer/songwriter IJK comes in to assist those ears awaiting best.  Pretty much as soon as I clicked onto the video for “Dancing Shadows” I instantly understood where the people’s consensus had come from and why they liked this song so much; why wouldn’t they when everything that comes out of the speakers is inoffensive, pleasant, rhythm & fun?  IJK dives right into the moment and confidently takes on the groove of “Dancing Shadows” – and as a result, I think we all come along with him.  Regardless of your own personal taste, genre or style preferences…this is the kind of song that people will always play all the way through…the kind of song that allows people to let their guard down for a moment, shake the day off and be entertained by it all.

That includes myself!  While I’d consider the bright, light-rock/pop style of IJK to be outside of what I’d normally listen to in my own time…again…no reason I could ever think of to turn this off.  The guitar hooks and personality of IJK come through cleanly & clearly, the rhythm and the production are strong and he sings this one really well.  Not only does he accomplish all that, but go ahead and just try to prove me wrong when I tell you that he’s created a seriously memorable hook in the chorus of this tune.  If you can somehow listen to “Dancing Shadows” and not have this chorus stuck in your head over the next several hours or days or weeks to follow – believe me, you’re made of steel.  IJK’s new single is written expertly to really sink right into your brainwaves through the hooks he’s created and the seriously catchy way he’s performed them through the uplifting energy in both the vocals and music.

His attitude and inspiring character have contagious qualities you can’t deny – “Dancing Shadows” is sweet in its sentiment and complete in its vision.  While I have no idea what’s happening in the Lebanon music-scene of course…it’s safe to say that the overall sound/style of this tune has a classic-rock edge to it and might be a bit out of step with what’s currently being played on radios here in Canada or North America altogether – but the fact remains, there is certainly still a massively existing audience of fans out there in today’s world that seek this kind of music out.  That same classic-rock spirit in the writing we find familiar and comforting about “Dancing Shadows” is that very same magic that has kept that sound successful and timeless throughout music’s history.  One way or the other, this is the kind of tune that wins people over and brings out a smile on even the worst rainy Monday at the beginning of your work-week.

So just like the 77306 people that have agreed on “Dancing Shadows” since its release only 18 days ago – I’d have to give a nod of approval to IJK’s latest single too.  I think he’s done a fantastic job of crafting a tune that has undeniable power in its hooks and positive energy you can hear sweetly radiating from every moment.  Don’t think he could have asked for anything else on this track or from himself – everything in the music & vocals springs vibrantly to life on “Dancing Shadows” in a performance that clearly brings out the good times for all to hear & enjoy.

Find out more from the IJK official homepage at:  http://www.imadjackkaram.com

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