Month: <span>June 2017</span>

Armada Named Sound – “My Girl”

Armada Named Sound – “My Girl” – Single Review This machine has been humming along perfectly in its rhythm & groove for some time now, yet every time I get the opportunity to check out the latest from Armada Named Sound, they still sound like they find a way to improve upon their last time […]Read More

David Sempier – Untitled Art :: Philly To Long Branch

As much as I’m positive the readers/followers of this homepage will love this song/video – I feel like it’s absolutely been made and tailored to every dream I’ve personally ever had for what I’d hope to see/hear at the same damn time.  David Sempier, sir, you are one hell of a cool dude – this […]Read More

Rhett Repko – “Were You Ever Really Mine?”

Rhett Repko – “Were You Ever Really Mine?” – Single Review If you can escape the hooks in Rhett Repko’s latest single “Were You Ever Really Mine?” then you’re made of tougher-stuff than I am.  Even though I felt like there are elements of this new single that stick fairly closely to the script at […]Read More

Amrit Ray – “Attention/Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga”

Amrit Ray – “Attention/Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga” – Single Review Salute to the humble effort made by Amrit Ray to combine two cultures & styles of music together through his own unique perspective on a mashup between Charlie Puth’s smash hit “Attention” and the equally powerful “Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga” from the incredibly popular Hindi […]Read More

Amilia K Spicer – “Fill Me Up”/”Lightning”

Amilia K Spicer – “Fill Me Up”/”Lightning” – Singles Review So good to be back!  Truthfully, I suck at taking vacations and these past two-weeks or so away from the homepage have been tough, even if it was the first time I’ve taken a break in about five years here at sleepingbagstudios.  It’s not as […]Read More

WOUNDEDSPiRiT – “11Months3Weeks6Days”

Figured I’d start the comeback from my vacation with a reliable tune! That’s exactly what WOUNDEDSPiRiT has here with their latest single “11Months3Weeks6Days” – I dug it last time around and I dig it this time too. ‘Cause you see, that’s the thing about solid songwriting…memorable melodies like this one never really leave you and […]Read More

Gone Fishin’!

Hello to you all! …and goodbye…for the first real stretch of time in about five years!  Time to head back home to the west-side of Canada and watch the brother-in-law get married.  Congrats Ben & Jen! I’ll be back and resuming regular postings around the end of this month…until then, some much needed vacation! Enjoy […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 066

This episode check out a wicked set of tunes from Vancouver grunge-rock band Fey, from the Backstage Lounge in 2014 celebrating the release of their album Bye Bipolar and ripping out the new cuts LIVE onstage for one of the first times you could’ve seen’em! Featuring a spotlight/bonus video from National Impurities too – as […]Read More

Matt Byron – “Fight Song”

Matt Byron – “Fight Song” – Single Review Full disclosure…if you were to look at my personal Facebook wall full of friends, you’d find Matt Byron on it.  I’ve been a fan of his music since reviewing it for the first time way-back-when…but beyond that, he’s proven to be an ally in so much more […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 065

Check out a vintage set from the first five years from when Aeterna first showed up to our studio in 2013 for an interview & performance! See what Brutal Power Metal is all about…and stick around for a bonus video from Iron Kingdom!Read More

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