Kopus Mellini – “Elevator”

 Kopus Mellini – “Elevator”

“Ain’t no one fuckin with Ciroc!”  Damn straight homie.

Rapper Kopus Mellini is back in the mix with a brand-new single for you to turn up & puff, puff, pass to a friend – it’s called “Elevator.”  With a deadly pace and sounding bold & confident on the mic – Mellini moves through his new cut sleekly & stylistically, delivering memorable lines from the lefts to the rights.  I dig the guy’s attitude…I dig the amount of personality you can hear in his lyrics and approach to the m-i-c…you’ll dig the inspired sound that Kopus brings to his performance too.  Get your bong out or light yourself a personal blunt & get ready to relax to a chill beat & solid rhyme – enjoy!

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