Month: <span>June 2017</span>

0185 – Warriors Of The Infinite Album II

In the summer of 2015, Warriors Of The Infinite rapper Jay stopped by the studio for an extended visit & just straight-up hangout session.  After numerous nights awake jamming, talking philosophy/life – Jay even ended up taking one of the sleeping bags from the studio wall into the backyard at SBS to sleep.  We decided […]Read More

Brannon – The Road Less Traveled

Brannon – The Road Less Traveled – Album Review When you look at Brannon’s social media and find Daughtry, Bruce Springsteen, Def Leppard & Bon Jovi in the ‘artists we also like’ section, that’ll tell you something instantly.  Or it should anyhow…it definitely tells me something.  You can infer big, bold, imagery-laden & powerful songwriting […]Read More

Goldfish – “Elementary Boy”

Goldfish – “Elementary Boy” – Single Review If absolutely nothing else…at the VERY least…this is what you can most certainly call authentic. Reading about the story of Montreal-based band Goldfish was insanely cool.  I put on their brand-new video/single “Elementary Boy” and was immediately zapped back in time to all the powerful & empowering riot […]Read More

Zane – “I Feel Love”

Zane – “I Feel Love” – Single Review Alrighty then!  No issues here with Zane’s latest single/cover version of Donna Summer’s infamous hit “I Feel Love” – this is an approved track for your summer. It’s actually pretty faithful to the original as far as the structure & melody are concerned.  Retaining the essence of […]Read More

Jaewar – True! Raw Honey

Jaewar – True! Raw Honey – Album Preview Consider me interested.  I was checking out new cuts from Jaewar from a private list of tracks that are potentially making up the core of his upcoming record True! Raw Honey and finding it pretty damn easy to jump into these rap rhythms…I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily […]Read More

The Residuals – Born Blind

The Residuals – Born Blind – Album Review With grinding guitars and a lo-fi sound that meets somewhere in the middle of whatever-era of Henry Rollins music you want to select and the grindcore-metal genre, one-man machine Joshua Lykkeberg gives you zero-time to catch your breath after pushing play and starting-up “Waiting For A Cure” […]Read More

0184 – Swami Lushbeard Album II

One of the most sincere & fun crews to work with, we’ve known the Swami Lushbeard crew for nearly four full years now.  We reviewed their A Burning Desire EP and bonded quickly to the music & the people in the band, going on to do one of our most successful & REAL video-interviews that […]Read More

Durells World – Call Me Later, Way Too Busy

Durells World – Call Me Later, Way Too Busy – Pre-release EP Review *BEEP* – just an announcement before we get right into it here today…this is pre-release y’all…the Call Me Later, Way Too Busy EP from Durells World can still most certainly change anything from the songs to the album art to the writing […]Read More

Magazine Gap – “Ran For Cover”

Magazine Gap – “Ran For Cover” – Single Review When we first reviewed Magazine Gap and their Calling Card EP at the end of last year, we heard things we liked…and we heard the promise of something even more.  In early January of this year, the London-based Pop/Soul trio returned to our pages with a […]Read More

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