Month: <span>November 2016</span>

Whiskey Sharts – #2

Whiskey Sharts – #2 – EP Review I don’t think that there’s anyone out there that could accuse the members of the Whiskey Sharts of being the kind of people that don’t follow through on a good joke.  It is impossible not to laugh, smile, guffaw, spit-take or smirk whilst listening to the highly-refined ideas […]Read More

Dino – Pure

Dino – Pure – EP Review I can get behind this for sure.  I had to take a moment and think about how rare I feel the connection to modern-day rap and appreciate that it was an audible element of what makes Dino’s new Pure EP wildly entertaining and engaging to listen to.  What Dino […]Read More

Dansad – Cowboy

Dansad – Cowboy – EP Review The internet-savvy Danil Sad began to take his electronic-music and production talents out into the online world from his home-base in Russia…and as a result of putting himself out there further into the world to bring his music to life – he ended up with excellent collaborations assisting him […]Read More

Rahm – Between The Lines

Rahm – Between The Lines – EP Review After having reviewed the title-track & lead single from the Between The Lines EP early on in July this year…I should have expected the diverse & versatile range of ideas that would fill-out the rest of the EP once it was released.  Over the course of five […]Read More

Souleye – “Follow Your Heart”

Souleye – “Follow Your Heart” – Single Review Now here’s a name I always look forward to seeing pop up on my playlist – it’s one of my favorite forces in positivity and reliable quality in hip-hop music, none other than Souleye!  We’ve covered the music of this lyrical-expert extensively…heck, I’ve even seen twitter clips […]Read More

MM3 – Fallout

MM3 – Fallout – EP Review Not quite sure how far back four of the six tunes from the new MM3 EP go in the band’s timeline, but Fallout is advertised as 2 new tracks to rock alongside what I’m guessing are slightly older tunes revitalized for this new recording.  If anything…what I am sure […]Read More

Andrew Gerard – “Falling To Pieces”

Andrew Gerard – “Falling To Pieces” – Single Review I swear the independent scene has started to stack the deck in their favor towards the end of 2016 here.  The run of amazing tunes as of recent continues strongly on with the new single “Falling To Pieces” by solo-artist & singer/songwriter Andrew Gerard.  He’s written […]Read More

George Diaz – “Can’t Say”

George Diaz – “Can’t Say” – Single Review George…this is NOT how I expected to start my morning brother.  I got up the same as any other day today…somewhere in the middle of the hours just past midnight and began to get ready to listen to music as I always do more or less…and then […]Read More

Western Estates – Me First

Western Estates – Me First – EP Review This excites me greatly.  Damn!  What a GREAT day for music it’s been here at the homepage already today!  I might be pushing my luck if I go much further past this new EP from Western Estates – incredibly strong ideas with a beautiful indie-edge in sound […]Read More

KenSon Williams – Tha Page Turner

KenSon Williams – Tha Page Turner – EP Review Here we go! KenSon Williams quickly puts the vibe strongly into the day with the opening cut “Fasholy” from Tha Page Turner.  Am I digging this?  “Fasholy” yo!  Not only has Williams instantly demonstrated killer instincts on the mic and absolutely flawless metering & pace – […]Read More