Month: <span>November 2016</span>

Astral Darkness – Hell Is A State Of Mind

Astral Darkness – Hell Is A State Of Mind – EP Review Germán Pavelek – the mind behind the music of Astral Darkness is back in action with a brand-new EP, Hell Is A State Of Mind.  For many out there…that’s not just a great title for an EP – those are words to live […]Read More

Russell Lee – “Picture”

Russell Lee – “Picture” – Single Review From what I can tell…Russell Lee has put together a real classic here with his new single “Picture.”  A smooth slice of Americana/Folk/Country blended together…Lee’s written a strong narrative here for the music to support – and it’s in that combination between the music & lyrics that you […]Read More

Magazine Gap – Calling Card

Magazine Gap – Calling Card – EP Review Highly-skilled players and in-depth songwriting/musicianship are certainly prevalent here.  London’s three-piece Rock/Soul band Magazine Gap clearly have a vision for their sound and found a way to execute that ambition into a brilliantly entertaining set of four songs to create their Calling Card EP.  “Snakes & Ladders” […]Read More

IJK – “Space Odyssey”

IJK – “Space Odyssey” – Single Review Hey North America…sit up and pay attention for a second or two will ya?  Actually…let’s take at least 4:11 of your time while you check out this song and read the review…that’d be even better and probably prove to be helpful in understanding the points I’m trying to […]Read More

RubiconTINENTAL – Trillogy

RubiconTINENTAL – Trillogy – EP Review Well…there’s this! Whether or not RubiconTINENTAL has found something here that’s going to catch on…I’m not entirely sure.  With the three-songs on his new record Trillogy, he’s made his opinions quite clear…believe me when I say that this is definitely not the kind of artist that holds back anything […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Retro Sunscape”

Digital Escort – “Retro Sunscape” – Single Review Dig it!  These minstrels of mayhem are kickin’ ass on their new single “Retro Sunscape” – it’s got Digital Escort in a rare combination of extremes that add up to a massively accessible rhythm & groove.  Continuing their onslaught of online releases and building material for their […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 057

STOKED for the show this week!  Part I of a two-part episode with solo-artist Oliver Hansert, aka Vladrumetz when it comes to making music – and he’s all the way out in Germany taking part in what becomes the most fun I can have in a day, which is communicating and collaborating with artists not […]Read More

Charming Timur – Call It A Classic

Charming Timur – Call It A Classic – Album Review This fucking guy…Santeri Lohi has got to be one of the absolute kings of sarcasm and subtle, wry humor.  I’ve got the added benefit of having interviewed him in both written and audio conversations and also had the privilege of hearing the evolution in his […]Read More

Black Astronaut – Life On Mars

Black Astronaut – Life On Mars – Album Review All kinds of imagination, ideas and talent combine to form the collaborative efforts of Black Astronaut & their music.  Led by lead songwriter Charles Luck, the number of players, singers, rappers and musicians involved quickly multiplies from there…all united by the shared purpose found in creating […]Read More

Hennessy Jones – “Human Being”/”Concepts”

Hennessy Jones – “Human Being”/”Concepts” – Singles Review Couple new singles in review today from Hennessy Jones…”Concepts” which was released about four-months back and “Human Being” which is still right out of the wrapper and not even a month old yet.  Both tracks feature collaborative efforts and the talents of Elluna alongside Kirsin assisting on […]Read More

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