George Diaz – “Can’t Say”

 George Diaz – “Can’t Say”

George Diaz – “Can’t Say” – Single Review

George…this is NOT how I expected to start my morning brother.  I got up the same as any other day today…somewhere in the middle of the hours just past midnight and began to get ready to listen to music as I always do more or less…and then I quickly stumbled onto the new single from George Diaz.  When the extremely genuine sound of “Can’t Say” began and his designer, stylistic & identifiable style of acoustic-folk made itself known…I figured no harm could come from finding out more about the man behind the music; surely such a soulful sound and professional approach came from a seasoned veteran of the music-scene out there somewhere…right?

There are some days…some moments…some artists, rare artists like this one George Diaz…that make me realize how much I miss that time when things were truly just getting going.  That’s the nice way of saying I’m super-freakin’ old now…and that at only TWENTY-ONE years old, George Diaz has more talent & style in his approach than I’ll ever find at twice the age I am already…I could live past 100 and not be lucky enough to develop the incredible sound and genuine authenticity this guy ALREADY has.  George!  Seriously man…do you realize just how much your life is about to potentially change brother?

You check FURTHER into George and the credits will make an old guy’s stomach churn with envy.  He’s already completed a degree in both acting & directing, completely has ‘the look’ and from everything you’ll hear on “Can’t Say” – he’s obviously got the entire ‘IT’ factor working for him from every angle.  Not that I’m here to put his entire life so far up-close & under the microscope when I’m here to talk music – but c’mon…shout-out to early achievements and the compellingly driven lifestyle he’s living in efforts to make his dreams come true.

It’s rare that I feel so strongly about two bands/artists that I hear and write reviews for back-to-back to come out with such high-praise in them.  Reviewing Western Estates yesterday I came across a sound I personally identified with and absolutely loved…though whether or not people will hear what I heard in that band remains a question I’ll look forward to seeing the answer to.  With George Diaz here…it goes far beyond my own personal taste and translates straight into the universal language of music in which we all can relate; or to put it more simply – “Can’t Say” is a song that everyone out there is sure to love.  George sings with such incredible character and genuine soul that his true connection to the words, music and this entire moment resonate right within the core of us all as listeners.

The emotion, passion and pure style in which he sings with is going to lead him down all the right paths to success.  The honest & sincere sound of his voice is pure gold…the invitational sound of the guitar and gentle piano-accents are stunning and gorgeous…”Can’t Say” is the kind of song that stops time around you and preserves the moment you’re in memorably.  This guy’s not any kind of diamond in the rough…I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression here or not understand what I’m really saying…which is that George is the diamond you see in a whole PILE of diamonds – he’s still the one that stands out.

As far as I understand it, his DEBUT (jeeeeeeeeez George!) EP is coming out in 2017…and you can consider me first in line to get myself a copy.  Real artists like this with a passionate connection to their songwriting and style are truly rare…the expressive nature of his soulful tones and beautiful way he sings “Can’t Say” is seriously all you’ll need to hear to convince you that if George continues on making music with this amount of audible sincerity & style that he’s not just going to make it, he’s going to be HUGE.  I’m massively impressed with what I’ve heard in this first release from his upcoming record…I could pretty much listen to “Can’t Say” all-day long for the rest of my life and be just fine with this one song on repeat, honestly.  Gorgeous tune…George Diaz has got himself the brightest of futures to look forward and from what I can tell, all the right ingredients to get there.

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