Month: <span>November 2016</span>

Absoloot – “Man On Fire”

Absoloot – “Man On Fire” – Single Review This “Man On Fire.” Absoloot makes a return to our pages with a brand-new single loaded with hooks and the focused attention the craft of rhythm and poetry truly requires.  It was earlier this year that we had a chance to get into this emcee’s headspace through […]Read More

Swami Lushbeard – Blood Is Sicker Than Water

Swami Lushbeard – Blood Is Sicker Than Water – EP Review Been treating myself over these past couple days…taking it easy on the regular schedule and diving deeper into some records that I know have popped up throughout the scene from bands I know to be reliably strong with brand-new tunes out there.  Swami Lushbeard […]Read More

Aztec – Black Art And Star Charts

Aztec – Black Art And Star Charts – EP Review You’ve already heard my comments about looking forward to this EP from just about every corner we’ve been in on the internet from our SBS Podcast to our show SBS Live This Week…once word got out that Vancouver Island’s indie-band AZTEC was getting close to […]Read More

Ya Yah Townsend – “Sugar High”

Ya Yah Townsend – “Sugar High” – Single Review I’d say it’s been a pretty good night…I’ve actually spent about 3-4 hours straight just listening to only two songs on repeat.  One of them belonged to singer/solo-artist Ya Yah Townsend – the sweetened flow & groove of her brand-new single “Sugar High” gave me no […]Read More

Neonomora – “Be Still, My Soul”

Neonomora – “Be Still, My Soul” – Single Review In a word – WOW. Neonomora has exactly what it takes to become a true international superstar.  After taking in the Indonesian-born solo-artist’s third single “Be Still, My Soul” from her upcoming record Waters, I can tell you personally it doesn’t take much more than this […]Read More

Smoking Martha – “Say You’re Mine”

Smoking Martha – “Say You’re Mine” – Single Review About a year and a half back…if you look through the archives to around May of last year, you’ll find the review I wrote on Australia’s Smoking Martha…a band I was quick to double-down in support of.  Justifiably quick mind you…I don’t just toss around my […]Read More

The Affectionates – What To Build, Who To Destroy

The Affectionates – What To Build, Who To Destroy – EP Review You know…I’m supposed to be writing up a press-release for a completely different artist right now.  Here’s the challenge I put forth to YOU though…YOU go ahead and put on the first cut from The Affectionates What To Build, Who To Destroy EP […]Read More

Latent Anxiety – Salvation

Latent Anxiety – Salvation – Album Review From what I’ve read and researched, the mind behind the music of this solo-project known as Latent Anxiety all traces back to one man…Ilja Rosendahl out of Los Angeles…and he’s about to make a serious amount of noise for ya over the course of some pretty lean & […]Read More

Cranky George – “Misery Road”

Cranky George – “Misery Road” – Single Review As per my curiosity when checking out the music of Cranky George for the first time through their single “Nighttime” from their recent album Fat Lot Of Good – I mentioned wondering about what else they might have in store for us.  And well…here we are now, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 018

Here we go again folks! Jer @ SBS answers the questions you’ve got on your mind…whatever they might be! Featuring incredible new tunes that are seriously fresh onto playlists right now with new music from artists/bands that have just released brand-new stuff out into the world including: Astral Darkness, Swami Lushbeard, Steve Ryan, Dansad, Western […]Read More