Drea Love – “Feeling Myself”

 Drea Love – “Feeling Myself”

Drea Love – “Feeling Myself” – Single Review

Hot stuff from Drea Love!

I can definitely hear this fine lady is right in the groove and into the moment on “Feeling Myself” – and from what I hear in the sweet-toned electro-infused groove she’s got rolling in the music supporting her smooth, playful & sexy vocals, I can’t blame her one bit!  There is so much that can be done with a beat like this; the amount of space it has in its minimalist-style allows for a tremendous amount of freedom of expression from Drea…and believe me, she uses that to her advantage on her new single!

Now…like I was mentioning…that beat is perfection!  Definitely all the right addictive qualities to its flow – nothing overcomplicated here, but every element is placed perfectly and helps shape the atmosphere for Drea to do her own thang on “Feeling Myself.”  Her vocals are controlled with professional precision…she keeps the energy in good company of the vibe you hear in the music and performs her part with subtle but audible confidence.  As the beat itself is a minimal one, however effective it is – it still relies on Love to nail her part and really bring the added melody to the song that doesn’t exist without her vocals.  A lot of this song rests of the shoulders of her ideas and performance…and I thought she really managed to bring this entire beat to life with a vibrant pulse and hypnotic rhythm I couldn’t get enough of.  R&B/Pop isn’t always my main diet – there’s no doubt about that…but this is absolutely something I’d listen to – and I have…many, many times at this point.  “Feeling Myself” has that perfect mix of confidence and charm that you can’t help but get addicted to quickly…there’s a distinct uplifting and empowering feeling that runs deeply throughout this song you just can’t ignore.

And yeah…for what it’s worth & coming from outside of the genres Drea Love would most likely be found within…she’s got me plenty hooked on this.  I like the approach she’s got here…overall I’m impressed by the amount of professional control and restraint she’s got here – at no point did I feel like she overreached or put too many pieces into play; everything flows and feels like it belongs together.  Lyrically, she’s made a clever track here as well…you could literally take this song to mean a few different things and I think that Drea’s done well to leave most of the main imagery up to the interpretation of those who listen.  It’ll get people talking for sure – and the combination of the sweet-beat & smooth-flow is definitely a sound that will bring people back for more.

Can’t really imagine asking for more from Drea Love on “Feeling Myself” – it’s got energy in the ideas, music & writing…and I think it all came out sounding exactly as she’d envisioned it.  I suppose that’s the feeling I get at the end of the day…each move made here, every step & every beat seems to have the confidence to take each moment with authority as “Feeling Myself” moves & shifts.  With everything lining up as perfectly as it does and each hook being sharp from the verse to the chorus, Drea Love has really delivered some strong entertainment here and a really great song to be proud of for sure.

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