Month: <span>March 2015</span>

Luke Kelly – Hooligans

Luke Kelly – Hooligans – Album Review I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so sorry for my wife. While this might be absolutely, 100% up my own crazy alley…I can tell you right now this is definitely not music for your mom; I’m sure that Luke Kelly knows his music is generally not for […]Read More

Reefer Tunes – Colorado Reefer Mountain High

Reefer Tunes – Colorado Reefer Mountain High – Album Review Colorado! Aww! Look how cute you are right now! You’ve all got your bongs out at the ready…more than likely ready to absorb this new strain of music on Reefer Tunes from the mind of James Earley. Aww! I mean it guys…ever since you went […]Read More

Jesse Elliot – I Gave You My All

Jesse Elliot – I Gave You My All – Album Review The first thing that might strike you from the opening tones of I Gave You My All, is that once “Oh, Oh, Oh!” begins you might wonder about from where exactly in the 70’s did they unearth Jesse Elliot? Clearly raised on the sound […]Read More

Sasha Leonov – Skies Change

Sasha Leonov – Skies Change – Album Review It wasn’t that long ago that I felt I recorded my own music in a similar fashion to what Sasha Leonov is here on Skies Change. I made music that I believed in, was passionate about, I even think they were good songs! But at the end […]Read More

Winchester Revival – Burden’s Landing

Winchester Revival – Burden’s Landing – EP Review Some truly excellent sounds coming from California’s innovative indie-rock band Winchester Revival. With brand-new music now out for public consumption, this five-piece band is making some major waves out there online and have already picked up several positive reviews in their favour as the buzz behind this […]Read More

Once Were Ghosts – Ephemeral Crises

Once Were Ghosts – Ephemeral Crises – Album Review Post-rock alert! Something about the name of Once Were Ghosts screamed out post-rock to me and I was completely stoked to discover that was exactly what I was in for today in listening to the new album Ephemeral Crises. Perhaps my favourite genre if you were […]Read More

Luke Gartner-Brereton – Ronroco Dreaming

Luke Gartner-Brereton – Ronroco Dreaming – Album Review Beautiful melodies and guitar here on this new album from Brisbane Australia’s Luke Gartner-Brereton, played with real heart, skill and compelling passion. Combining a classical style with a modern-day feel, fans of music from bands like Calexico, Colleen, 800 Cherries or Iron & Wine are going to […]Read More

SBS Separated 027 – Davidson Calfee

Every once & awhile you can expect us to pop in with an SBS Separated video outside of our show…and you never know when – make sure to pop by and check us out for new creations and exciting collaborations with artists and bands from all over the globe from throughout our history here at […]Read More

Meshach Abednego – “Just Be Glad To Be Here”

Meshach Abednego – “Just Be Glad To Be Here” (Hayling Cover) – Single Review Extremely interesting. I’m not exactly sure that everyone out there is exactly going to get what Meshach Abednego is attempting on his latest single “Just Be Glad To Be Here,” but I could be underestimating the people…I suppose that’s possible… A […]Read More

Third Realm – Deranged

Third Realm – Deranged – Album Review If you like your electro on the dark-side, you’ll not need to look much further than Buffalo, New York’s Third Realm. As I understand it, dark-electro has been a prevalent part of the NY underground scene for a good part of this last decade, growing stronger with their […]Read More