Month: <span>March 2015</span>

Árstíðir – Hvel

Árstíðir – Hvel – Album Review Is it strange that I can identify the Iceland sound? Between the character-placement of the band/album name and the overall tone and assembly of the music, I was left with little to no doubt that Árstíðir was coming to us from this beautiful still-fairly-untouched music-mecca. Turns out that yes, […]Read More

Liz Graham – “Damaged” & “Charcoal On A Canvas”

Liz Graham – “Damaged” & “Charcoal On A Canvas” – Singles Review Here are a catchy couple of tunes! I’ll fully admit that I had to look up Liz Graham right away to find out where the music was exactly coming from, and perhaps what her own background might be. As it turns out, she’s […]Read More

Human Behavior – Bethphage

Human Behavior – Bethphage – Album Review I think it was pretty close to a year ago at this time when I first landed my ears upon Human Behavior when reviewing their album Golgotha. After the unique experience diving deep into their diverse & versatile music, this Tucson, AZ based band has managed to stick […]Read More

Joy Villa – I Make The Static

Joy Villa – I Make The Static – EP Review Joy! So…first off…I can go on the luckiest streaks of listening sometimes that it’s not even funny; it’s more like a confirmation of being in the place where I’m truly supposed to be, doing what I’m truly supposed to be doing. Now…I’m not staring at […]Read More

Stone Village – Cool Gazpacho

Stone Village – Cool Gazpacho – Album Review Kidding me right? I mean that in the best of ways of course…I just don’t expect this level of skill coming my way many times in one day. Literally some of the best rhyming & hip-hop, complete with production and innovative beats, that I’ve personally heard in […]Read More

Slinky-Athmoss – “Melt The Ice”

Slinky-Athmoss – “Melt The Ice” – Single Review In a combination of talents, old-school musical influence and international collaboration, Slinky-Athmoss are debuting one of the singles from the upcoming album between these two coming out towards the end of this year. “Melt The Ice” is a rock-ballad. Yep…it’s been a while hasn’t it? Maybe a […]Read More

Don Puglisi – Bubbles Of Light

Don Puglisi – Bubbles Of Light – EP Review Some good indie-rock put forth here from Don Puglisi. Clearly a seasoned musician that’s got experience and a rich understanding of how to create captivating tapestries of rock that transform themselves and expand into beautiful melodies, solos and overall performances. In those very first opening moments […]Read More

Club 803 – Cloud 9

Club 803 – Cloud 9 – Album Review A lot of different aspects of music on display here on this latest album from Club 803, some of them work in spectacularly bright & colourful displays of R&B and hip-hop; others perhaps reveal a group that is still on their way to finding their overall sound […]Read More

Michael Castaldo – “Everything Happens For A Reason”

Michael Castaldo – “Everything Happens For A Reason” – Single Review Anyone remember Starship? Come on…you do so and you rockers out there secretly loved pumping your fists to the big-beat anthems of love and empowerment they created. Something very similar happening here decades later here in our present-day with Michael Castaldo’s spiritual new song […]Read More

Chaz Chambers – “Calming Pressures”

Chaz Chambers – “Calming Pressures” – Single Review What a refreshing, pure and beautiful sound coming to us from the mind of Chaz Chambers. His new single, “Calming Pressures,” features a host of musicians in collaboration all combining their talents in a summation of inventive rock, intense melody and one absolutely killer song. And if […]Read More