Meshach Abednego – “Just Be Glad To Be Here”

 Meshach Abednego – “Just Be Glad To Be Here”

Meshach Abednego – “Just Be Glad To Be Here” (Hayling Cover) – Single Review

Extremely interesting. I’m not exactly sure that everyone out there is exactly going to get what Meshach Abednego is attempting on his latest single “Just Be Glad To Be Here,” but I could be underestimating the people…I suppose that’s possible…

A gospel/blues musician from Brooklyn, New York – I wasn’t quite expecting what I got from Meshach’s new single…I think any time I see the word gospel I just naturally assume there will be a lot more preach-speech in the lyrics, but that isn’t always necessarily the case. Regardless of who you believe in, or what, or if you live in a tin-foil hat wrapped up safely in the corner of your house away from your evil microwave; quite often you’ll find that gospel music simply preaches how to go about living a good life. And I’d say that’s the case here on Meshach’s new single; he’s done a great job of including everyone here…there’s nothing exclusive about this track and should be something in there for everyone to like.

For instance…for myself at first I honestly wasn’t sure about Meshach’s vocals. At the beginning, the hook that got me in was the sweet tones of the drumbeat, the spread-out atmosphere of “Just Be Glad To Be Here” and the hazy mood of music that comes out genuinely felt. I certainly think there’s a lot of skill in behind the assembly of the track, especially once that beat comes in just after a minute in; but overall it sure does have a very loose feel to it all.

I think of it as musical subtext; as in, there’s a lot of skill in the production of the song for sure, but at the end of the day, it’s using natural talent…Meshach is really just truly glad to be here I believe!  I don’t necessarily think each and every detail was necessarily pored-over in this song, and I think that’s part of what gives it its authentic feel.

Now…vocally…you’re either going to dig on what Meshach is doing, or you’re not. That’s going to be tough for some; he’s got tone like Tom Waits, which is to say he can turn it on at any time he wants to, but for the most part is going to slurrrrrrrrrr it around and create a rhythm with his voice as opposed to straight-ahead singing the lyrics. Though I’ll admit, upon that first listen through, I wasn’t completely sure myself of the sound, over the course of a couple listens I started to really dig the vibe of Meshach and this muted-steel-drum beat he’s got working for him on “Just Be Glad To Be Here.”

It’s performers like this that can surprise you the most. I can only imagine that hearing Meshach play this song from one time to another would result in a completely different experience. He clearly feels the music and he’s absolutely going with it. With the instrumental breaks that occur just shortly before the three minute mark…this will definitely remind you of some of the music from Moby, who also put himself on the map with an electro-infused gospel combination. It might be a long time since that style & sound have had its day, perhaps long enough that the timing is perfect for Meshach right now; but I also don’t think that’s the reason that Abednego is making music…I’d be surprised if it even crossed his mind. I think we’ve got a real artist on our hands that knows how to go his own way and has the courage to stick it out with his unique sound and know that the people will come around soon enough and catch on. All real artists are misunderstood anyway right? I’m sure I heard someone mumble that once or twice in passing…

However you end up taking it in, there’s great rhythm and authentic passion on display in “Just Be Glad To Be Here” and I’m confident you’ll hear it too. Just a sweet, chilled out beat & clever hook…the kind of song you couldn’t possibly stay mad listening to; between the rhythm and the rhyme, Meshach makes for an excellent host and does the most he can to make sure you’ll be “Just Be Glad To Be Here” with him.

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