Month: <span>February 2015</span>

Various Artists – James Eagle

Various Artists – James Eagle – Album Review James Eagle…not only the title of this mashed-up, vibrant mix of the brightest & best in sound from these various artists blended together, but also the name of the man & mind behind it all. And when I say ‘brightest & best in sound’ – I’m not […]Read More

The Quiet Room – All The Frozen Horses

The Quiet Room – All The Frozen Horses – Album Review Where do I start this? Ha! Even better…WHEN do I officially start this? I feel like I’ve been listening to this new album from Australia’s new alt/rock/electro experiment The Quiet Room for nearly a month and not really known how to express how I […]Read More

Stocatta – Go Up

Stocatta – Go Up – Album Review Ever since I reviewed the Stocatta single “My Love Leave” I’ve been anxiously awaiting to hear what might come next. Knowing that there was a full album to come out just around the corner…it wasn’t long at all before the new set of songs on Go Up found […]Read More

R3NP – “Siberia”

R3NP – “Siberia” – Single Review Sometimes I like to reach for something so different from the last sound I’m hearing you’d swear there are multiple personalities within me pushing the play-button on new music here at the studio. I suppose I’ve always kind of enjoyed that contrast wherever I can find it; I used […]Read More

Feed The Mind – Thanks For Saying No

Feed The Mind – Thanks For Saying No – Mixtape Review I suppose that this is what’s meant when someone says ‘they keep it REAL.’ Great job done here on the Thanks For Saying No mixtape from Feed The Mind; from the first listen both the moniker itself and the title of the album make […]Read More

Roman Velasco – “Being Crazy (The Green Raver Remix)”

Roman Velasco – “Being Crazy (The Green Raver Remix)” – Single Review I honestly think that the word ‘crazy’ itself is one of the most widely used but misunderstood words out there in the entire land of music…and I’ll get into that in just a moment here… Before we get to that, I’ll introduce you […]Read More

Johnny Jetson – The Father The Son And The Ghost

Johnny Jetson – The Father The Song And The Ghost Of Rock And Roll – Album Review Much of me likes to think if I was to ever take my own music in a more pop/rock direction that I’d end up with something that resembles the music here on Johnny Jetson’s new album The Father […]Read More

Those Shadow People – Mission Accomplished

Those Shadow People – Mission Accomplished – EP/Comic-Book Preview I’ve often said that the ingenuity of the indie-music scene has no limitations…no rules when it comes how to bring attention to your art, your craft, your music… Today we have a genuine combination of these finer things in life, art & music; Those Shadow People […]Read More

Troy Petty – Departure

Troy Petty – Departure – EP Review Troy Petty…sir…WHERE have you been hiding? Let me just say…I am absolutely giving you the first-impressions I’m getting from Troy’s new EP Departure here…and if it stays ANYTHING like the opening track “All Ghosts” we are completely listening to a future superstar…and that future might not be far […]Read More

Aria Stone – One Thing Leads To Another

Aria Stone – One Thing Leads To Another – Album Review Before I crack into all the social-media and internet pages for all you wonderful musicians out there, it’s nice to just let the music hit me without any information preceding. The gift of music and the true joy of surprise when it’s combined just […]Read More