Month: <span>February 2015</span>

Transference – The Navigators

Transference – The Navigators – Album Review What an absolutely refreshing listen. From Melbourne, Australia’s own masters-of-atmosphere – Transference have created an absolute unstoppable force in textural-music here on their new album The Navigators. Emotions, tempos, styles and sounds range from one extreme to the other as this sharply-skilled band flexes their most innovative & […]Read More

Worldwide Groove Corporation – Presents ‘Year Of The Groove’

Worldwide Groove Corporation – Presents ‘Year Of The Groove’ – Singles Review Sublime isn’t it? I’m certainly referring to more than simply the opening line from both the iconic 90’s alt/ska band Sublime’s hit “Summertime” which also opens this new experience into the Worldwide Groove Corporation; no…I’m referring more to the entire journey into their […]Read More

M.C. Pollock – “Tell Your Boss”

M.C. Pollock – “Tell Your Boss” – Single Review Good luck singing this one in the shower dear readers. Unless you’ve got yourself a great stash of helium balloons nearby, chances are you’re going to find yourself sounding on the low-end of life in comparisons to the heights that M.C. Pollock can reach through his […]Read More

Kristin Chambers – Everything Woman

Kristin Chambers – Everything Woman – Album Review Everything Woman you say… Am I technically able to review this? I hope I’m not disqualified…I’ve decided to risk it anyway…I’m going to get out some nice candles and just sit here to review this from the sensitive feminine-side of myself. Figure as long as no burly […]Read More

The Most Beautiful Losers – When Morning Comes Twice A

The Most Beautiful Losers – When Morning Comes Twice A Day Or Not At All – Album Review Listening through this new album from The Most Beautiful Losers gives me a new appreciation for what makes for great, memorable lyricism. Melody is important for sure…and even though these guys pack a punk-rock/pop punch and HAVE […]Read More

Daxton Monaghan – “Highway One”

Daxton Monaghan – “Highway One” – Single Review Yuck! You mean to tell me that good ol’ Australian singer/song-writer Daxton Monaghan has been rocking in some way, shape or form since the early 1990’s yet there’s no official Facebook page? Right now there’s one of those fan-posted fact-boards where you kind of have to cross […]Read More

Athmoss – “Father”

Athmoss – “Father” – Single Review I’m pretty much hopping on one foot with excitement; do you realize that Athmoss is coming to our pages genuinely from the infamous Transylvania in Romania? I mean…he’s sending this from Frankfurt, Germany where he’s been living with his wife and daughters since 2013…but originally….ORIGINALLY, he’s come from Transylvania. […]Read More

Kally O’Mally – The Wild West Medicine Show

Kally O’Mally – The Wild West Medicine Show – Album Review Damn Bandcamp. That setting that allows you to push a song harder than the rest of the album always gets me starting my listening experience in a weird spot when I’m not paying attention. As the opening tones of the title-track “The Wild West […]Read More

Japa Dollar – “100%” – Single Review

Japa Dollar – “100%” – Single Review It would be pretty hard to be in a bad mood listening to a song from Japa Dollar. You’ll be even harder-pressed to find a video from him that won’t make you smile. We were recently checking out the new video from JD for the new single “100%” […]Read More

The Vanilla Milkshakes – How To Ruin Friendships And Influence

The Vanilla Milkshakes – How To Ruin Friendships And Influence Douche Bags – Album Review Denver, Colorado…is this what you sound like these days? Well. Right-fuckin-on! Raw, energetic and full of grungy-hooks – The Vanilla Milkshakes have assembled a full album rooted in the old-school of the 90’s and boy did they stumble onto EXACTLY […]Read More

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