R3NP – “Siberia”

 R3NP – “Siberia”

R3NP – “Siberia” – Single Review

Sometimes I like to reach for something so different from the last sound I’m hearing you’d swear there are multiple personalities within me pushing the play-button on new music here at the studio. I suppose I’ve always kind of enjoyed that contrast wherever I can find it; I used to read heavy-books my arms could barely carry, full of political-science and then immediately follow-up my intense learning with a quickly-digestible and no-thinking-involved, straight ahead Stephen King novel. I still like both sunrise AND sunset…and I secretly wish that I could see them both happen like, back-to-back…I just think that’d be cool… Anyhow – my point is that contrast exists pretty much anywhere you look on our planet; and that it’s especially effective in music.

R3NP has managed to be that break in my day here and provide some relief for these speakers so often overburdened with rock, metal and grunge; today we get these beautiful, mysterious and enchanting soundscapes found created within the orchestral-single “Siberia.”

It’s arranged tremendously well; that very contrast I mentioned being such a wonderful thing about life is all tempered evenly throughout this song in perfect balance. There is dark, there is light, there is hope, there is despair, there is frustration, there is calm; there is actual living and breathing EMOTION within this song that is audibly palpable. It’s tranquil even in the darkest moments…and with a large amount of anxiety & trepidation attached to its warm glow & bright-arrangement, it all comes together in one massive all-encompassing six-minutes. There are enough emotions, tones-changes and atmospheric-switches to fuel the main-score of a movie, tv-show…any media really; these are the cinematic & theatrical elements so necessary in soundtrack work…the sounds that when coupled with authentic emotions from the right actor can leave us breathless, shattered in tears, or joyously triumphant.

I very much liked that this track didn’t remain one-note or become one-dimensional in any way; this was a verified musical-journey. I liked thinking about the title “Siberia” and how it might relate to the song. Most of what I know about Siberia could fit in a teacup…I have not much to go on really other than a TV show that was cancelled entirely too early about two years ago. While the song is playing…I can picture the landscape when I close my eyes…I can feel it when it gets colder, harsher and meaner as the area supposedly becomes through the progression of seasons…I can feel the warmth of the sun as it finally breaks through the clouds once again and lights-up the way home.

With gusting wind-sounds that blow this track from light to dark and back again, the combination of strings and organs work effectively; almost like actors in the same movie that never had a scene together they weave around each other and never really connect; there’s a separation…a contrast.

All in all – gotta hand it to R3NP – there is truly some significant talent here and some excellent ideas. I’m not familiar with just how easy or tough it is to get your music out there into the orchestral scene these days, but I’d have to assume they’d readily accept R3NP as a peer. It’s a challenging form of music to truly entertain with…we so often regard this type of instrumental music as ONLY being for movie-scores and theatre. Done right, like it is here by R3NP, it can become so much more; “Siberia” is the kind of instrumental arrangement captivating enough to not have to be the ‘back-up’ or ‘add-on’ to any other form of art – it’s completely art on its own, just the way it plays.

Check R3NP out at Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/r3np  

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