Year: <span>2015</span>

Jonny Goode – Revelations

Jonny Goode – Revelations – EP Review Excellent! I’ve always identified with the way Jonny Goode approaches music and melody…been a solid fan since reviewing his album Snakes & Ladders about a year ago here at the homepage. There was an instant bond & kindred-spirit, whole musical-brotherhood thing going-on. Jonny tends to pick out the […]Read More

Hannibal Smith – “Raw”

Hannibal Smith – “Raw” – Single/Video Review I mean… Hannibal…what are you up to here man? How is a dude NOT supposed to like this new song & video of yours? I’m not even kidding…this is the video-equivalent of stacking the deck at your favourite card-game isn’t it? Hannibal Smith’s new song/video “Raw” focuses heavily […]Read More

Dr Ant – “Measure Of My Love”

Dr Ant – “Measure Of My Love” – Single Review I can see/hear that what Dr Ant is doing on his latest single “Measure Of My Love” would be a sound that could potentially catch on with the masses. It’s close to right where it needs to be…there are a few stylistic choices and instincts […]Read More

Tersa Rian – “That Girl”

Tersa Rian – “That Girl” – Single Review Believe it or not…I’m interested in what Tersa Rian is up to. Seems like an incredibly sweet lady with nothing but the most fantastic of intentions; even though it appears after researching into her that she is devoutly religious, you know that doesn’t stop me from checking […]Read More

Boxing The Needle – The Bunker Sessions

Boxing The Needle – The Bunker Sessions – EP Review I’m digging on quite a bit about Boxing The Needle…right from the music up to and including the pictures they’ve posted to social-media…these guys genuinely look like FUN. That being said – they also look like they absolutely know what they’re doing as musicians, which […]Read More

Ajia Clark – Finally Ajia Pre-Release

Ajia Clark – Finally Ajia – Pre-release Singles Reviewed Quality takes time! Ajia Clark has been testing out waters pretty-warm as she’s been building-up the material for her upcoming album Finally Ajia. Each of these singles…from what I can see with the exception of the third, shiny new-one we’ve got our hands on (and only […]Read More

Joseph Sant – Sea White Salt

Joseph Sant – Sea White Salt – EP Review Solid tunes of light, atmospheric, delicate art-rock from Joseph Sant…they’re actually quite involved and intensely interesting throughout his new EP, Sea White Salt. There’s a lo-fi, smooth-indie vibe that runs deep within these four-songs – they’re essentially built on what’s actually cool verses what’s perceived to […]Read More

Nesbeth – “My Dream”

Nesbeth – “My Dream” – Single Review Tougher one for me…Reggae and I have never really gotten along despite its ever-friendly intentions. That being said, I can tell when an artist or band is getting it ‘right’ in any genre, even the ones outside of my own personal taste. I’m not claiming to have any […]Read More

Nearly There!

We are nearly there!  The SBS Readers are certainly making their opinion known this year – and ONE band continues to dominate your thoughts and stereos! Make sure to vote right up til December 31st right here at the official SBS Polling Station! The current standings are…. [chart id=”2″]Read More

Christone – “Let Her Go”

Christone – “Let Her Go” – Single Review Let’s face it…even a guy like myself that never leaves the music-studio and is basically in a cave when it comes to much of the mainstream these days…you can’t escape a single that was as big as Passenger’s “Let Her Go.” Covers are often a thing we […]Read More