Year: <span>2015</span>

M-SEE – Soulfood

M-SEE – Soulfood – Official Album Press Release Drawing on intense emotions and experiences from personal-life and translating his thoughts & feelings into music and melody with therapeutic-vibes – innovative solo-artist M-SEE has official released his latest album Soulfood to the world-awaiting in December of 2015. Mixing positive-messages and uplifting-beats & rhythms – M-SEE communicates […]Read More

Rebecca Jade – “Weather The Storm”

Rebecca Jade – “Weather The Storm” – Single Review Fantastic single from Rebecca Jade! After a brief, static-filled vocal-sample that cleverly drifts into the main synth-piano melody…RJ starts to sing sweetly…with a classic-vibe that goes all the way back to the first confident-female voices to grace the microphone in our music’s history. And as if […]Read More

Gerald Milton

Gerald Milton Interview SBS: Gerald Milton – thanks so much for taking some time to talk music with us brother! I’ll help bring us all up to the current with what I know…you’re a sound-engineer, recording artist and entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria… What got you to the point that you’re at in your music/career – […]Read More

Jae Havoc – Dark Days x Bright Nights

Jae Havoc – Dark Days x Bright Nights – EP Review You know what makes MY Christmas-season a merry one? Good-ass music – I ain’t askin’ for much. Don’t get me wrong…this is certainly no Christmas album from Jae Havoc – but you might consider this to be an early present for your face-holes this […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 021

Another hot more-music episode from SBS featuring some of the best artists/bands that today’s independent music-scene has to offer from around the globe.  Today in the podcast, Jer @ SBS surrenders a TINY bit of playlist-control to Ryan @ SBS for an overall mix of rad & badass tunes for you to turn up!   […]Read More

Cypher The Avatar – NO MÁS

Cypher The Avatar – NO MÁS – EP Review Cypher The Avatar…from what I’ve known, read, researched and heard about this dude since being introduced to the sound, music & style of this emcee about eight months ago was that this particular poet was walking alongside a whole different beat in life than the rest […]Read More

0070 – Aeterna (Live @ Funky Winkerbeans 2013) Album II

Here’s a look at some of our favourite memories from our history…the SBS Photo Journal!  Gathered from our show SBS Live This Week, live events around local Vancouver, BC & beyond, and from all our random experiences here at the place we love more than anything, sleepingbagstudios. Here’s some more shots from our time in […]Read More

Chrystyna Marie – Loaded Gun

Chrystyna Marie – Loaded Gun – EP Review Really classic sound of confidence and bold-tones from Chrystyna Marie, singer/song-writer based out of Beverley Hills, CA. Originally from Toronto…we had her at one point fellow-Canadians…after hearing her smooth-rock/blues vocals and the fearless approach she takes to her performances…well-o-well-O-Canada…what can I say aside we might regret losing […]Read More

Boy From The Crowd – Where The Bees Come To

Boy From The Crowd – Where The Bees Come To Die – EP Review You’ll find a pretty tight & addicting rhythm & groove on Where The Bees Come To Die, the latest EP from Boy From The Crowd. Ranging from extreme-rock to all-out frenzied music-madness – this is a two-piece that goes straight for […]Read More

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