Year: <span>2015</span>

TwelveOfConfusion – Worldsun

TwelveOfConfusion – Worldsun – Album Review Do you fine folks remember that craze of the internet…probably about say, like four or five years back, maybe shorter, maybe longer ago…but do you remember when you were watching that nice, soothing, calm video that someone wanted you to check out online, only to find yourself desperately wishing […]Read More

SBS Separated 001 – Aeterna (Live @ The Red Room)

SBS Separated is BACK! Featuring a video per day of our past adventures and the inner-working of sleepingbagstudios for the month of January. Enjoy this!  Aeterna, with their track “Revive” performed live from The Red Room in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Be the next artist or band to have your latest song or video featured on […]Read More

The Results Of YOUR Vote For Our BEST NEW SOUND

Before anything goes any further – I first want to send a huge congratulatory shout-out to all ten of these amazingly talented bands for making this list of nominees.  Every last one of you put out incredible music for us to listen to over the past year and I personally couldn’t thank you enough.  There […]Read More

O. Smith – Resume

O. Smith – Resume – EP Review Flossin,’ Rick Ross’n…just another day in the life here at sleepingbagstudios… Rapper O. Smith is here to throw out some wicked rhymes, intense beats with a serious groove and provide good times to those listening. With some serious skills in lyrical precision and hooks that are guaranteed to […]Read More

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