Dr Ant – “Measure Of My Love”

 Dr Ant – “Measure Of My Love”

Dr Ant – “Measure Of My Love” – Single Review

I can see/hear that what Dr Ant is doing on his latest single “Measure Of My Love” would be a sound that could potentially catch on with the masses. It’s close to right where it needs to be…there are a few stylistic choices and instincts that lead our fine Dr into a few moments where he’s wild’n out a bit – but for the most part this is a very strong tune that is certainly capable of getting him noticed.

“Measure Of My Love” has a real sparkle & shine on its somewhat-melancholy music…I suppose it could be taken as uplifting in the right moments just as easily as melancholy or downtrodden…it’s certainly anything but defeated… More than likely, the best way to describe “Measure Of My Love” would be to call it emotional; Dr Ant sings with a lot of heart and passion in his approach. I love that he’s got the full-confidence to go after some huge parts of this melody…and some of those parts challenge him right up to his highest octaves and wildest-elements of his own style.

Overall…it kind of reminded me a lot of the days I spent in R&B music checking through the catalogues of those that did it all the best and learning the genre as thoroughly as I could. Brought me right back to a place when a young man named Tony Rich first burst onto the scene with some particularly outstanding music that was mostly made in a melancholy, self-reflective style that ended up making him pretty successful when combined with his sincere delivery on the vocals. I think there are a lot of similarities between his approach and this one here from Dr Ant on “Measure Of My Love” – there’s a real focus on the writing and making the most of that melody…to let it really shine in the recording through the pure love & dedication towards the craft itself by taking the time to get it as right as all-possible. Again…I think Dr Ant has done a spectacular job of approaching this beautiful, piano-led composition…his vocals are bold, right up-front and are bursting with the brightness of the morning-sunrise.

That being said…you will notice the parts that are slightly just a fraction off the desired note because Dr Ant IS that confident to go after them with everything he’s got – and like many of us, sometimes that’s going to work out for him perfectly, and at others with a bit of noticeable wandering to the tone. I have no doubt at all…after only briefly talking with Dr Ant, that this enthusiastic-character has more than likely been told to rein in this wild-side of his vocals many times through his life – and I can tell you that he’s probably never paid that warning any attention, nor should he. While he might miss occasionally in a spot or two along the way to refining his style/sound, the writing is seriously MORE than there when you listen.

And sometimes…that’s the case. We can out-write ourselves and our own abilities. I don’t think that’s quite the case here with Dr Ant – I think he’s nailed more than 95% of what he’s taken on in some very impressive moments throughout the song with only a few minor slips that don’t really even hurt the tune whatsoever. BUT…having said all this…sometimes music, life and our career-paths can send us down different avenues than we originally anticipate. Let me explain…

Because aside from the fact that the Dr is a Mr – if I was to truly close my eyes and just listen to the writing of the song itself…and choose it a suitor…well, I’d probably more than likely have it shipped directly to the Queen herself for evaluation…I think she’d NAIL it! Sorry…I always forget to use her real-name…some people tend to get confused…of course I’m referring to Adele! Truly though – listen to the structure, the writing and the way this song builds upon itself…you’ll know exactly what I mean.

And trust me…there’d be no shame at all in handing-off a song that could potentially become a number one through the right marketing and machine pumping it out there. From what I’ve read about Dr Ant though…it’s not about that at all – it’s just about making great freakin’ music and putting his whole heart & soul into it with every intention geared towards sharing it with you to enjoy. There’s definitely a song-writer’s gift here…and let me make it clear, there’s also a lot of exceptional talent in the vocal-department as well, it just happens to have room for growth and refinement in comparison to the writing overall – because on that end of the spectrum…I think Dr Ant’s on completely solid ground. “Measure Of My Love” is an extremely well-written tune that sparkles with melody & heart with a genuine passion & love for music that shines right through the speakers.

Find Dr Ant’s “Measure Of My Love” direct at iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/measure-of-my-love-single/id1066714319

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