Month: <span>June 2014</span>

Lifestyle Learning Music – Geometry

Lifestyle Learning Music – Volume #2 Geometry – Album Review Music is one of our most powerful creations and learning tools. I’ve been lucky all my life in my ability to relate to people; being sympathetic or empathetic to a person’s situation has always been something that has come naturally to me, even from what […]Read More

Dirti Speshuls – Long Time Coming

Dirti Speshuls – Long Time Coming – Album Review Quite often I can find myself trying to figure out how other people might listen to music…like as in, what quantities, what doses, how often do they change bands or song to song… What I’ve gathered in all my time spent listening to music through my entire […]Read More

Gaz Patterson – Dodging Bullets

Gaz Patterson – Dodging Bullets – Album Review There are a couple of very interesting methods you can use to listen to the new album from Gaz Petterson of the UK. You could listen to it for the energy in these tightly-written pop/rock tunes…in fact, if you put it on and press play you’ll find it […]Read More

Chartt – Chartt

Chartt – Chartt – Mixtape Review “You know my name but you don’t know my story at all. I write my life into my music, just listen.” That’s a haunting quote lifted directly from the social media pages of Chartt, our mixtape-specialist in review here today. From everything I’ve heard on this self-titled effort – that’s a […]Read More

Noobeats – Catharsis

Noobeats – Catharsis – EP Review You might just find yourself in need of somethin’ to get your rump bumpin’ tonight – so let’s unleash this meaty & beat-y EP called Catharsis by electronic producer Noobeats from Berlin, Germany. Bringing six brand-new tracks to us through this latest effort; you’ll find them packed full of energy, […]Read More

Catalina Shortwave – Repeater

Catalina Shortwave – Repeater – Album Review You know for a second there…I was sure I heard a guitar solo…but…this is a NEW album from Catalina Shortwave isn’t it? Instrumentation isn’t found on present-day records anymore is it? Surely I must have been hearing something else in the background…no…wait…there it is again! And again…and again! That’s certainly always […]Read More

Sam Gibson – Plastic Universe

Sam Gibson – Plastic Universe – Album Review Right off the bat – that’s an album title that resonates with me strongly. With so many ideas recycled daily…almost like we’ve planned our own obsolescence…it can be tough to sometimes navigate through our valleys of malls and believe we’ve created anything significant here on planet Earth. And if […]Read More

Cosmic Charley – Cosmic Charley

Cosmic Charley – Cosmic Charley – EP Review Despite being located in British Columbia, Canada…it feels like it’s been forever since I reviewed some good ol’ Canadian rock – so I’ve gone and got myself hooked on this band from Lethbridge, Alberta called Cosmic Charley to help fill this literary void. After intense spins through this […]Read More

In The Whale – Nate

In The Whale – Nate – EP Review Now this is music that will turn a Monday quickly back into your Friday! With an EP loaded wall-to-wall with in-your-face rock, In The Whale is bound to make a lasting impression on you through the sheer amount of energy they’ve been able to pack into this four-song […]Read More

Shagpile – Outside In

Shagpile – Outside In – Album Review Well now! I suppose a “Happy Anniversary” or sorts, is due to all involved today… When we first started reviewing independent albums on the site, we were led to a tiny-two piece band way over in the UK called We Steal Flyers, and we reviewed their album Sidecars & […]Read More