Lifestyle Learning Music – Geometry

 Lifestyle Learning Music – Geometry

Lifestyle Learning Music – Volume #2 Geometry – Album Review

Music is one of our most powerful creations and learning tools.

I’ve been lucky all my life in my ability to relate to people; being sympathetic or empathetic to a person’s situation has always been something that has come naturally to me, even from what I would consider should have been too young to connect all the dots coming my way. But what if it wasn’t so much luck as it was being put in a position to learn about life in a different way than the other kids in my sandbox? Since I’ve been able to form sentences and thoughts of my own, I’ve also had my headphones on…

Consequently, I developed quicker than some. The lessons and experiences of life, I was able to absorb from listening to music from all kinds of different bands, styles, artists and personalities. From my own experience – this ability for music to teach us is an inarguable fact. I would follow the riddles of incredible lyrics; somewhere down that rabbit hole, it led to the ability to pick these words of others apart and use their experience & knowledge to help benefit my own life and the lives of others. I had amazing teachers…does it matter that I didn’t find them in the traditional sense of institutionalized learning?

I have a feeling that the wonderful people behind our album in review here today feel much the same as I do; we don’t all learn in a straightforward manner. To think, as a child and teenager that continually struggled with mathematics…had this exciting way for learning been available to me I could have possibly been able to avoid many of the upcoming test failures by simply playing an album like this once a day.

I would like to invite you to listen to this project from the Lifestyle Learning Music – and YES, it’s all about Geometry. If you’re an adult – revisit your own childhood for a moment and just imagine how something like this might have helped you through your own educational struggles. This combination of knowledge and music, pointed so specifically at a particular subject like it is here on Geometry truly accomplishes two major objectives; it not only teaches valuable information – but when the music to go with it is as well done & put together as it is here through the Lifestyle Learning initiative…well, it can make even the most ‘nerdy’ subjects cool.

Are kids going to go out and jam something that they know is TRYING to teach them? Oh yeah. Yeah…about as quickly as they run to their broccoli, spinach and sprouts…

The last thing I would suggest to do to the youth of today is to trick them…to feed them liver and tell them it’s steak would just be wrong. The idea of planting seeds through well-made music, like Lifestyle Learning is doing…that’s a completely different thing altogether than trickery. In fact – it’s all right there; extremely well laid out through the words and performers. The subject never wavers on Geometry and anytime you find yourself catching the words, you’re literally absorbing mathematical knowledge-bombs. Where the magic comes in…is through the fact that they’ve actually created six really great beats and overall songs to make these lessons come to life!

Like I had mentioned…had this existed when I was a child…I might be a math genius right now. Quit laughing – I might have had a different world-view altogether! Some of you golden-oldies like me out there are saying to themselves right now, ‘this young, handsome, grey-bearded-reviewer guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about…we’ve ALWAYS had learning-music.’

And they’d be RIGHT…about the ‘grey-bearded’ part at least. Surely there are examples of attempts at this being done in the past, I’ve heard and become victim to many of them myself. What I mean by saying I had wished this was around when I was a kid…well I suppose what I mean is that I wish it had been tackled like it is here on Geometry by Lifestyle Learning. There is no ‘cheese-factor’ here; this is ACTUALLY cool.

If you were to ask me – that’s been the hindrance of the music/knowledge combo throughout its existence. If not cheesy, it often came out pretentious, sounding like it was made by people who understood the subject but not the music that was going with it. Over the six tracks on this Geometry album, Lifestyle Learning diversifies the music by also taking on five different styles of music – and the best news is that they sound like hit songs made by people that truly understand how to write a good song! “Pop #1,” “Rock” and “R&B” were all astoundingly current in their construction and certainly appealing to listen to…even though I know somewhere in the back of my head as an adult they’re teaching me…

Lifestyle Learning Music is onto something here. With a goal of making STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) exciting and interesting for the next generation – I’d say mission accomplished here on the subject of Geometry. Like I said – it’s not trickery…it’s just extremely well-planned & well-thought-out music that happens to carry in-depth knowledge in the lyrical content! All the people on this album should be proud of having made an album that can teach the youth of today as effectively as this will without making them feel like they’re staying after-class to do it.

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