Month: <span>June 2014</span>

Sandeep Khurana – Conscious Dance Rhythms

Sandeep Khurana – Conscious Dance Rhythms – Album Review What an accurate title for an album in this style! I can admit, I haven’t spent a lot of time in the drum’n’bass part of the world, but I’m well versed in all-sounds of the instrumental variety. After a thorough listen, Sandeep Khurana has a lot in common […]Read More

CitySpeak – Audio Tech-Noir

CitySpeak – Audio Tech-Noir – Album Review Reliable beat creator – Jesse Mason, whom we had met last year in a written interview on our pages in discovering the music of CitySpeak, was just getting ready to focus on getting this album finished and released when we had talked to him last year. Now the fruits […]Read More