Month: <span>March 2014</span>

Announcing The Cellophane Heart

OOPS I DID IT AGAIN Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. So I suck at properly announcing the official SBS Live This Week showtimes…I had promised March 26th, but as usual, things change quickly here all the time… In preparation for the upcoming event here on April 19th, which will bring Rod Matheson from Everyday Music TV to sleepingbagstudios for […]Read More

West My Friend – When The Ink Dries

West My Friend – When The Ink Dries – Album Review I’ve nearly had to dodge the internet in this past week altogether, preparing reviews for bands we’ve seen on our screens on SBS Live This Week…first Man Made Lake and here we have West My Friend. Both extremely talented…both great people…both from Vancouver Island…and…well…I mentioned […]Read More

HoneyTrash – Suit & Tie

HoneyTrash – Suit & Tie – EP Review I’ve always assumed it was a show that was televised everywhere…anyone out there remember The Friendly Giant? What a nice man he was. So tall though…you had to look way, way up to even see him! I can’t be the only one…you remember…just admit it so I can carry on […]Read More

Thomas Brunkard – A Never-Ending Album

Thomas Brunkard – A Never-Ending Album – Album Review Now here’s a concept I can fully get behind. Mr. Brunkard has left behind the original formats and conventional ideas on how to go about releasing his music, deciding upon embarking on a life-long musical adventure instead….A Never-Ending Album. To his credits at this stage of the […]Read More

Arsenal E’ Vega – Ashes To Snow

Arsenal E’ Vega – Ashes To Snow – Album Review Well…you got me. I’ve searched my brain for a reference and come back with nothing – so we’ll have to officially call this the first mixtape OR album that I’ve ever heard begin with Dolby Sound. Welcome to the musical world of Arsenal E’ Vega…filled with […]Read More

Man Made Lake – Bodhicitta: The Shepherd

Man Made Lake – Bodhicitta: The Shepherd – Album Review “I’ve been here…I’ve been here too long,” echoes singer Colin Craveiro of Man Made Lake on the opening track “Lemon Cake;” and though it’s somewhat unrelated I suppose…I’ve been here too long myself, enjoying this new album from MML without sharing it with you! For what […]Read More

Jackson Caged – Entity

Jackson Caged – Entity – Album Review Right on. It’s that GOOD kind of heavy. You might be surprised, my hard-rockin friends, but the reality is they DON’T come along too often. When you check into Jackson Caged, you’ll see they’ve got quite a following already going; and after hearing their new album, Entity…I completely understand why. […]Read More

Marty McKay – Sin’s Disciple

Marty McKay – Sin’s Disciple – Album Review This was an extremely interesting album to put into our reviews. Marty McKay comes to us all the way from ZURICH, Switzerland (Holy are we GLOBAL or WHAT these days?) with a name ready for the radio and the songs to match. Everything you’ll have on Sins Disciple is […]Read More

Hookman & The Ripper – Hookman & The Ripper Vol.

Hookman & The Ripper – Hookman & The Ripper Volume 1 – Album Preview Keep in mind, an album preview process is much, much different than your typical A-to-Z album review where you hit play and let the songs play out. In a preview situation, such as the one here today with Hookman & The Ripper, […]Read More