Month: <span>March 2014</span>

Seashaped – A Pill For Everything

Seashaped – A Pill For Everything – Album Review Inoffensive! At least that was the first thing that came to mind when pushing play on the Seashaped album! You know what I mean though? It’s…pleasant! Music that I can’t see anyone ever frantically running over to a stereo to turn down the sound on…yeah – that’s what I’m […]Read More

Aaron Baldes – Horizons

Aaron Baldes – Horizons – Album Review Ahhhhh…! Food for the soul – that’s what “they” say isn’t it? And much like your diet or what you might like to throw into your pie-hole year after year, those tastes can change & grow and become more expanded and accepting over time. We should never have to be […]Read More

Early Update In 2014

AWESOME TO BE LIVING IN THIS DAY & AGE… I’ve always considered myself a world citizen. I believe in a world without borders one day. I also believe in many ways, that this “world” I believe in already exists online… Because aside from a few countries with internet restrictions, that ability for us all to […]Read More

Sky As Skin – Dead Songs For A Live Soul

Sky As Skin – Dead Songs For A Live Soul – Album Review This excites me greatly. As a long-standing fan of heavy/melodic bands, finding Sky As Skin as assembled and ready to rock as they are on this new album shouldn’t have been as much as a surprise as it was. According to them, this […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 082

Find pictures of the Swami Lushbeard interview with sleepingbagstudios at the links below! Album #0046: Album #0184: More

Ain’t No Other – Never Really Broke

Ain’t No Other – Never Really Broke – Album Review Here’s the straight-up in one single sentence; I would be a way bigger fan of the entire rap genre if it was all as entertaining as this album is. Ain’t No Other has had me paying attention non-stop since I pushed play on Never Really […]Read More

Sprightly Moans – Demos III

Sprightly Moans – Demos III – EP Review I feel like I almost need to give my head a shake here… Sprightly Moans – it’s almost like I couldn’t HEAR you last time! You know…like how in White Man Can’t Jump that dude could “listen to Jimi,” but he couldn’t HEAR Jimi…that’s the kind of feeling […]Read More