BROCK – “AM I” – Music Video Post

I generated the visuals by entering text into A.I.  Then I sent 3500 frames to my editor the video is the result.  AM I BROCK yes BROCK AM I.

Y’all sure are interested in what the ol’ A.I. can do these days huh?  I’ll admit…I think it’s a rad form of art too in its own way…it can be a bit on the effortless side of things to a degree, but there are some really rad videos comin’ out at a quicker pace – so who would I be to complain?  I’m a big fan of trippin’ visuals anyhow…so truly, I’d be an idiot not to encourage more of these A.I. generated visuals to get released by you amazing artists & bands out there in the scene.  I do think we’ll all be able to look back on this specific chunk of time and recognize when we ALL got into doing this at the same exact time, but that’s kind of how art & music tend to roll anyhow…so bring on the digital revolution I say.  Besides that – you already know that if it’s comin’ from BROCK than I’m bound to be paying close attention anyhow – this dude’s one of the best things happening out there in the Electro realm, and easily one of the most consistent artists in any corner of our music-scene these days.  With BROCK, you can expect reliable quality from what you see to what you hear; the man’s been on another solid roll through your speakers & screens in 2022 and he’s shown no signs of slowing down.  In fact, you could argue that he’s continuing to pick up steam by innovating his video catalog with cuts like “RUN” from earlier this year, and “AM I” right here.

Another solid track to add to the catalog, with a video that pushes his music even further in a relevant way that is definitely going to connect with a whole bunch of you A.I.-lovin’ folks out there like me – BROCK has launched himself successfully into the digital era of visuals to go with his Electro vibes, and we’re here for it!  As far as my eyes are concerned, it’s one of the coolest videos he’s added to his collection online…and as I like to remind ya from time to time when someone out there breaks new ground – if this is where it all starts, imagine where it goes next or ends up!  BROCK’s always got something exciting goin’ on – “AM I” is a great single with what’s perhaps an even greater video – you gotta dig on a combination like that, and look forward to whatever might be next to come from BROCK.

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