BROCK – “DELICA” (DANCE MODE) – Music Video Post

Awwww – y’all must be a truly well-behaved group of people out there.  Last week, I promised ya, if you were on your best behavior, we’d be back soon enough to have some more fun with BROCK this summer – and lo & behold, here we are, doin’ just that.  So you must have been good – congratulations.

Now…no one’s asked me to compare the original version of BROCK’s latest single “DELICA” with this “DANCE MODE” variation on it here, but I’m gonna do that anyway.  The long story short?  This is pretty much the textbook blueprint on how to make us all forget about the track you’ve just put out, by putting out the version that works about a million times better right afterwards.  Don’t get it twisted – you’re never going to find a time where I’d advise ya to steer clear of any of BROCK’s tunes or videos…that’s just not gonna happen – BUT…when you’ve got two versions of one song, it can definitely become easy to identify which one the people out there are gonna wanna rock with, and that’s “DELICA” in “DANCE MODE” this particular time around.  More energy, quicker movement, the electro dynamics hit harder – there’s more involved here overall; and even though the spoken word sample will continue to remind you that “anger has a place in all of this” – it’s impossible to deny just how much FUN you’ll have in listening to “DELICA” (DANCE MODE).  Leave it to BROCK to introduce a kickass cut, then go on and re-up his own song by releasing a version the people are guaranteed to wanna turn up for that much more – but hey, here we are, and that’s exactly what’s happened.  While it’s fair to say I’d still take “DELICA” in either version, or ANY version we can get – when it comes to the court of public opinion, I have no doubt whatsoever that they’ll settle on “DELICA” (DANCE MODE) being even stronger than the original.  Mostly because it IS…and you’re all music-savvy folks who clearly know what’s up if you’re checking this out already – so turn it on UP where it belongs and let those electro shockwaves send your speakers into the frenzy of excitement you deserve this summer – BROCK is back to kickin’ ass in 2022, 100%.

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