BROCK – “DELICA” – Music Video Post

Looks like your favorite digital madman is back at it again for the summer, in ALL-CAPS like you know him to be…let’s be real here – you wouldn’t even recognize BROCK without’em, right?  Dude’s gettin’ all kinds of atmospheric up on ya with his latest single “DELICA,” taking y’all straight up to that place beyond the skies so you can puff on some visual clouds whilst you listen and absorb the synthetically sensational vibes the man comes up with.  Never gone from the scene for very long, it’s always safe to assume that BROCK is busy in the lab cookin’ something new up – “DELICA” makes his return well worth your time as always.  With deep dynamics in the melody and surging sound splattered throughout this track like a live wire cut & dancing deadly right in front of ya, “DELICA” delivers on pure audio vibrancy, and as always, you know BROCK’s got a whole bunch of spectacular visuals for you to stare at while you’re listening as well.  With Spoken Word samples scattered in throughout, and serious depth that’ll take you from the top of the skies plunging down into the depths of wildly engaging Electro vibes as only BROCK can do it – and believe it or not, we’ve got more fun planned for his new single “DELICA” for ya later on this summer.  Maybe if you behave yourselves for a hot minute, pay some rightly deserved attention to this dude’s music, and pledge your first-born children to be named BROCK, we might just post a lil’ somethin’ for ya in this next week or so.  For now, you gets what we gives ya!  Enjoy the latest from BROCK – tune in & turn up for “DELICA,” and show this crazy cat some of that love y’all.

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