Trey Wonder – “Winner Takes All”

 Trey Wonder – “Winner Takes All”

With the rubbery bounce & live-wire spark of Punk/Pop/Alt energy the man has built his reputation on, Trey Wonder returns to our pages with a brand-new single/video for his cut “Winner Takes All!”

Ever the fan of the inexplicable & the bizarre combined, Trey’s latest clip show style of video is also 100% in-line & on-brand for this dude…which in tandem with the familiarity of Wonder’s sound, makes for an experience that’s sure to please the fans out there from sight to sound.  I look at it this way – what you see visually is every bit as much of a representation of TW’s never-sit-still mentality & approach to music…and…well…life itself really I’d imagine – I mean, think of all the times Trey Wonder has graced these pages of ours over the past couple years alone & recognize that the man is ALWAYS up to something over there, where he’s based out of in Hawaii.  I would also like to personally thank the guy for making me feel just 10% better about the dilapidated computer chair I’m sitting on over here & how long I’ve taken to get it tossed & replaced…from what I can see in the video, Trey’s got me beat.

Mind you, he’s got all that kickass tropical sea air floating on the wind…which is certainly a much better trade than the heavy mixture of snow & salt I’ll be enduring outta the nation’s capital here in mere days.  The point is…no matter the condition, you don’t just TOSS out a good chair without serious thought – and if it’s been around as long as mine & Trey’s have been, they earned their stripes & a starring role in a vid one day.

YES of course I’m kidding around, NO the computer chair is not a major factor in your viewing pleasure, though it may well add to the experience, as it did for me clearly.  Here’s the facts Jack…if you’re familiar with Trey Wonder’s music you can see from the timestamp alone that there’s undoubtedly a bit more for ya to unpack here than normal…being the Punk-inspired dude that he is, you tend to find him on the shorter side of the song-length fence than you will most artists for the majority of his material, but he’s stretched it on out to just shy of an inventive 4:45 for “Winner Takes All.”  And here’s my point on the versatile visual style he brings to his music, and why it supports both him and his approach so well to begin with – it all FITS!  YES in its own inherently strange & wonderful ways, the frantic pace of the song & its many transitions throughout the structure are yet another reflection of how Trey Wonder is easily among the most active minds/players/musicians-in-general that you’ll find in any corner of the scene.  Don’t get me wrong, Trey’s not goin’ Prog-Rock on ya by any stretch; you’ll hear what I mean as you listen to “Winner Takes All” & how he’s found a whole ton to add in along the way that pushes “Winner Takes All” out of the typical terrain of short songs where you can only do so much in so little time, and into the plethora of opportunities a longer single gives you the freedom to explore.  So good move on his part…I think Trey’s shown well in the past what he can do with the extra time as well, and he’ll switch it up more than enough from beginning to end on “Winner Takes All” to keep you punkers out there fully engaged.  YES…even you there at the back with the shortest of attention spans.

That being said, personally I’ve been livin’ for this guy’s guitar solos as of late…he always finds a rad energy & flow to ride with, and smartly, even on the inside of quick & fast cuts, he’s more often inclined to make that time for the instrumentation to have its moment in the spotlight than to not.  And hell, my ears always appreciate that – yours should too.  Trey brings so much riotous energy & genuine fun to the scene, that at this point in time, it’s impossible to imagine what it would even be like without him.  Long may you run brother!  Check out the latest from Trey Wonder and click on the ol’ video for “Winner Takes All” below!

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