Trey Wonder – “Happy With Me”

 Trey Wonder – “Happy With Me”

After over a verifiable more-than half-million streams on Spotify and scoring tons of support from listeners all-around the world digging on Hawaiian-based punker Trey Wonder’s 2018 record The Ghost Of My Father, he’s back in action with an amped-up new single called “Happy With Me.”  To be fair – he’s been rockin’ strong throughout the year – “Happy With Me” is actually the fourth single he’s released this year, and rumor has it, he’s already got another one in the works and scheduled for release soon. We’ve featured at least one of the songs beyond his last album, with “Somebody Do Something” showing up on our pages in April this year, flanked on both sides of the timeline by releases/videos he’s put out for songs from The Ghost Of My Father, including “Building Up” and “Out Of The Dark” featured proudly here at SBS in 2018 & 2019 respectively.

Face facts…you can hear it in the vibrant bounce of the music he makes, Trey Wonder ain’t exactly the kind of dude to just sit around and chill when there are songs to be written & videos to be made!  Dude’s always up to something and his work-ethic when it comes to music likely puts many others out there to shame – he’s out-hustling the rest when it comes to the dedication it takes to make an impact out there in the music-scene.  No further proof is required beyond a half-million streams – that’s an incredible accomplishment for any independent artist and an achievement that shouldn’t be taken lightly…there are more than a few valid reasons that Trey’s experiencing the results he’s been receiving, and others out there might wanna just have a look or two at the blueprint the man is creating for what it takes to get noticed in today’s world.  He’s even enlisted A-level support for the artwork for his latest single “Happy With Me” – apparently it comes from an original painting that Trey bought earlier this year from the remarkably talented artist Stacey Stewart – so dig on that cool cats, and take a lesson from Trey – promotion and collaboration goes long beyond the music these days if you’re gonna do it right.  You gotta go all-in…and anyone out there that knows Trey Wonder knows that when it comes to getting his music into speakers around the globe, that’s exactly what you can expect from the guy, every single time.

With the distortion, drums, and bass bouncing with electrified energy flowing through the current of his latest cut “Happy With Me,” Trey keeps the melody & mayhem moving quickly, pulling you in through a clever combination of supercharged pace and stellar execution.  We’ve come to expect nothing less from the man – and we’re always stoked to have him back on our pages; we know for a fact that you are too.  So kick back, turn this latest cut right up to the rafters, and enjoy the latest video from Trey Wonder – have a listen & look at “Happy With Me” below!

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