Trey Wonder – “Somebody Do Something”

 Trey Wonder – “Somebody Do Something”

You won’t find too many artists out there with the passion & enthusiasm that Trey Wonder has – don’t let the alt/punk sound fool ya – dude’s a dedicated man!  With a brand-new single & video out for y’all to enjoy – the Hawaiian-based musical-madman is back at it again, keeping the antics on-high from the speakers to the screen on his latest cut “Somebody Do Something.”  FUN FACT – we were a part of this whole experience!  That’s right – what you’ll see below is an official video collabo between the artist & yours truly here at SBS!  We shipped over a whole bunch of ideas to Trey in our best efforts to overwhelm the dude with some visual awesomeness to support his new song – and what does he do?  He up and went and made a great time even greater, adding pivotal new scenes, tightening up the final edit to make the most out of the potential we’d began, polishing it off into full Alt/Punk perfection to suit the vibe perfectly.  That dear readers, dear friends, is what a killer collaboration is all about…it’s like handing off the baton to that next runner of the race to go the distance – Trey took the controls and steered this single to amazing results onscreen…truly couldn’t be happier with how it all looks, flows, and came out by the end with his direction.  So have a look, have a listen – check out “Somebody Do Something” below and show the man some LOVE – Trey Wonder definitely deserves it, he’s a great guy all-around.

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