Trey Wonder – “I Saw The Witch”

 Trey Wonder – “I Saw The Witch”

Word on the street is that Alt-punkster Trey Wonder has a brand-new record called Can’t Wait coming out on April 10th – and it just so happens we’ve got one of its lead-singles for ya right here for your endless viewing & listening pleasure.  “I Saw The Witch” has Trey sounding deadly in the dank-ass chorus and themes that run throughout this new offering from Can’t Wait – and of course you’ll find the signature attitude & shifting moodiness you’ve come to know & love from this guy prevalent at all times.  Dude’s sounding downright inspired on “I Saw The Witch” in his own Beck-meets-Blink, malevolent & maniacal, backwoods punk approach to the verses, and then he damn near dives even further into the abyss, nearly treading into Primus-like terrain for the eerie vibes of the chorus; shifting and transitioning between two totally different styles altogether, this hybrid cut fully delivers a wicked balance of ideas and mix of raw & primal energy.  TW‘s always done what he does real well…but I gotta admit, there’s something about the madness & mayhem Trey‘s created on “I Saw The Witch” that gives me the hunch that he’s about to drop one of his wildest records yet with the release of Can’t Wait this April.  And if you know anything about this guy, that’s sayin’ a lot!

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