Trey Wonder – “Man Made Flu”

Trey Wonder – “Man Made Flu” – Music Video Post See if you can guess which side of the fence notorious punkster Trey Wonder is on eh?  #tellushowyoureallyfeelbrother Meanwhile…someone pour me another round of Jack & vaccine will ya?  Yum yum.  Ya may as well bring another there bartender my friend…just keep’em comin.’  Of course […]Read More

Trey Wonder

Punksatoney Trey has not seen his shadow, so we’re all set for spring y’all. And what, dear readers, would a new season even be without new music from Trey Wonder? Back in action with a fresh set of tunes dropping online including singles “Element 115,” “She Hates Vaccines,” and “Eating Me Alive” – the ever-hyperactive […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Battle Midnight”

Trey Wonder…TELL US HOW YOU FEEL, WOULD YA? While the onslaught of pandemic-based tunes was an inevitability for the music-scene & how it reliably documents our times, for the most-part, it’s despite the bombardment of’em here on our pages over this past year, it’s actually been a pretty unique experience in seeing how many different […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Winner Takes All”

With the rubbery bounce & live-wire spark of Punk/Pop/Alt energy the man has built his reputation on, Trey Wonder returns to our pages with a brand-new single/video for his cut “Winner Takes All!” Ever the fan of the inexplicable & the bizarre combined, Trey’s latest clip show style of video is also 100% in-line & […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Treat It Like It’s New”

This new tasty treat by Trey Wonder has had me grinnin’ from ear to ear…figured I’d stop back in this afternoon & share his latest with ya! Awesome to have the man back in action & great to hear him comeback so strong.  I say this like it’s been forever since we’ve had TW on […]Read More

Trey Wonder – Can’t Wait

Trey Wonder – Can’t Wait – Album Review It was surprising to see that with the many times we’ve featured Trey Wonder’s music at our pages here over these past couple years, that this is actually the first time we’ve had the man appearing in a review.  Has he been playing it safe all along […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “I Saw The Witch”

Word on the street is that Alt-punkster Trey Wonder has a brand-new record called Can’t Wait coming out on April 10th – and it just so happens we’ve got one of its lead-singles for ya right here for your endless viewing & listening pleasure.  “I Saw The Witch” has Trey sounding deadly in the dank-ass […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Annie Bruiser”

No surprise to us here at SBS, alt-punkster Trey Wonder is back in action right at the beginning of the new year in 2020 with a brand-new single/video.  From the warped musical-mind that brought you cuts like “Out Of The Dark,” “Building Up,” and more recently “Happy With Me” released towards the end of 2019 […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Happy With Me”

After over a verifiable more-than half-million streams on Spotify and scoring tons of support from listeners all-around the world digging on Hawaiian-based punker Trey Wonder’s 2018 record The Ghost Of My Father, he’s back in action with an amped-up new single called “Happy With Me.”  To be fair – he’s been rockin’ strong throughout the […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Out Of The Dark”

The one & only Trey Wonder back up on our pages to get our special reports & videos-page rockin’ again post-vacation! As many of you out there likely know already, Trey’s a one-man music-army, playing & recording all his own songs from the ground on up, always has, always will.  And who wouldn’t when you […]Read More

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