Trey Wonder – “Out Of The Dark”

 Trey Wonder – “Out Of The Dark”

The one & only Trey Wonder back up on our pages to get our special reports & videos-page rockin’ again post-vacation!

As many of you out there likely know already, Trey’s a one-man music-army, playing & recording all his own songs from the ground on up, always has, always will.  And who wouldn’t when you can rock just as hard as any full band could?  We’ve featured cuts like his singles/vids for “Building Up” and “Somebody Do Something” here at our pages in the past & we’re always stoked to hear more from this rad dude.  Drawing on alt-rock/grunge/indie/college/garage-rock/psychedelic styles all filtered through his own creative & delightfully warped perspective, Trey Wonder takes a sweet set of bouncy riffs & upbeat energy savagely straight “Out Of The Dark” and right back into it through a collage of killer sounds comin’ atcha.  With a brand-new video for “Out Of The Dark” that’ll take you right into the hellfires on earth & beyond, this latest single is classic Wonder with all that signature mix of attitude & amped-up angsty fun you know & love – come get yourself a dose of what the man from the big island of Hawaii is up to in 2019 and click the ol’ play button on Trey’s new cut below!

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