JL Universe – “Y”

JL Universe – “Y” – Single Review Every once in a while, you just need something that sounds HUGE…you know, those tracks that get your ears excited…music you might not even normally listen to but all of a sudden it’s the exact break and sound you were longing for, but never knew exactly what it […]Read More

The New Ages – “The Forest/Destruction Holds The Key”

The New Ages – “The Forest”/”Destruction Holds The Key” – Singles Review Awesome! Always love to see great musicians still out there making great music! Here we are, with The New Ages gracing our pages once again – it’s been awhile since we’ve heard from them with our last review for their EP Piper Man taking place […]Read More

Morning Fame – “Dreamality”

Morning Fame – “Dreamality” – Single Review With a misty & whispering opening, the new single from Canada’s own East-coast pop/rock sensation starts out subdued as it takes you through the fog. There’s a hint of epic-ness, just around the corner…it’s something you can FEEL; those opening moments provide a real chill of premonition. Morning Fame for […]Read More

Evin Gibson – “Instant Fire” & “Alarm”

Evin Gibson – “Instant Fire” & “Alarm” – Singles Review Evin Gibson is definitely onto something here… Checking into his latest single, “Instant Fire” – I think I might have just discovered one of today’s future songwriters in the R&B/Soul/Pop section of our lives. The song embodies a familiar style of modern soul, almost bringing in […]Read More

Andy Sizemore – Singles

Andy Sizemore – Soundcloud Page Review Cool! It’s not too often you get to review a music collective as opposed to the scores of albums, EPs and single reviews this particular indie-journalist goes through. After talking briefly with the creator behind these new sounds – I got a real sense that Andy is looking towards that next […]Read More

Race Against Fate – Singles

Race Against Fate – Singles Review Henry Rollins once described an over-emotional state he was going through as his “White Squall Moment,” which came to him from watching the film White Squall and bursting unexpectedly into tears. Whether he was over-tired, hungry, emotional…whatever it was came spilling out during the minutes of this movie, seemingly out […]Read More

Swami Lushbeard – “Where The Sheep Are Led”

Swami Lushbeard – “Where The Sheep Are Led” – Single Review Alright…the episode is long over but the rock continues! Swami Lushbeard is back in another appearance here with sleepingbagstudios in print after not just surviving our extremely lengthy video-interview, but thriving through it! If you haven’t caught the episode yet, be sure to check it out! In […]Read More

The Alpine Camp

The Alpine Camp – Music Review Thought I’d write a quick new intro on this review of The Alpine Camp…I wanted to have this out there yesterday in the early morning but that wasn’t meant to be. As that’s one of the most silent moments you’ve seen me go through at sleepingbagstudios, especially through the written […]Read More

Queen City Heist

Queen City Heist – Music Review Queen City Heist…I gotta admit, everything from researching the band to listening to the actual music has been a grin-inducing pleasure… I pushed play on the new album from Queen City Heist and I opened up the social pages as I would normally do. The album starts with “Summer Time […]Read More

Cinja – “Still Love You”

Cinja – “Still Love You” – Single Review Cinja! That’s a name that you just have to love. Surprisingly, this singer/songwriter with a name that could just as easily fit in the punk-rock category, makes music that is incredibly sweet. Coming to us all the way from Germany, Cinja has just released the heartfelt piano ballad “Still Love […]Read More

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