Genee C – “Noche De Reggae” Featuring KB Magnus

 Genee C – “Noche De Reggae” Featuring KB Magnus

Genee C – “Noche De Reggae” Featuring KB Magnus – Single Review

From the new music label known as Fire & Desire Records, artist Genee C is back on our pages!  Last time we had her up here was earlier in the year in May on a single released called “Bat Man” – and even though it’s only been a bit of time since then, as you know, lots can change in a short timeframe when it comes to the music-scene.  Jumping onto an exciting new label that’s looking to pump out urban Latin vibes into your speakers, Genee C already sounds right at home on the new single “Noche De Reggae.”

I love the bass-lines running through this cut and the subtle layers of electro-elements that complement the chilled-out beat of “Noche De Reggae” – it’s definitely not the typical Reggae experience at all.  Rather than being too…hmm…how would I put it usually…let’s say ‘playful, wandering, unfocused’ as I usually find Reggae music to be, the vibe stays completely engaging and compelling; it doesn’t sound overly serious by any stretch – but it’s definitely more of a mature approach than you usually hear within the genre, in my opinion.  “Noche De Reggae” didn’t feel like it was remotely trying to fight for my attention…and I really appreciate that about this song…the cool of it all naturally draws you in.  You WANT to stick with “Noche De Reggae” because the sound is so smooth and Genee C is such a reliable & consistently high-caliber performer that always adds a graceful beauty & confident charm to her vocals.

If it was just another Reggae tune, I’d probably have passed on “Noche De Reggae” pretty quickly – it’s never been my genre of choice and I honestly still don’t even ‘get’ the music of Bob Marley to this very day.  The very last thing I can do is pretend to be an expert on that style of music – but I can tell you what works – and I felt like, “Noche De Reggae” with the infused Latin/Electro vibes really hit the mark.  There’s a TON of style throughout this entire song from the music to the microphone…the hooks are insatiably smooth & inviting to listen to – and not only do you get a killer performance from the song’s main star Genee C, but you also get the lively presence of guest KB Magnus in the mix to spit some hot bars mid-track as well.  The rhythm & groove of the music and vocal melody are an insightful match – Genee C makes the most of every moment and moves through her parts with genuine style & swagger – she’s really got a voice that pulls you in close to listen and brilliant technique that keeps your attention.  Playing the hooks really smart through both performance and production – she shines throughout the verses of “Noche De Reggae” and soars to even bigger heights in the chorus and background parts.  As for KB Magnus on the mic – LOVE the tone I this guy’s voice…he delivers a quick set of bars and raps for a short verse, but cleverly hangs around for a bit afterwards & puts his own spin on the main hooks too.

No complaints from me.  The chilled-vibe and extraordinarily smooth sound of “Noche De Reggae” makes it a bit hard to be like…you know, too excited in reaction to this song – but there’s no doubt about the universal appeal of this single.  So don’t mistake me being mellow for not being enthusiastic about what I’m hearing here – I am…I think this was a good move for Genee C to switch over to Fire & Desire Records and really embrace that Latin influence in an effort to bring it right to the forefront of the music-scene out there.  The infusion of energy from KB Magnus adds in some additional spice, as does the increased intensity in the music as the song plays on & the ideas expand…while it might always be somewhat chilled-out in its pace overall, there’s still more than enough happening to keep you plenty interested and your ears completely satisfied.

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