Mario Marco Farinato – “Perchè”

 Mario Marco Farinato – “Perchè”

Fun fact – some of the first music-videos I ever made were in stop-motion…and to this very day, that style of video is one of my all-time favorites; and this time around, it comes along with one of my all-time favorite international artists, Mario Marco Farinato, aka Panchopigna, whom we’ve featured on these pages many, many times before.  And with plenty of good reason – the man is endlessly dedicated to his art & craft in ways you can’t help but respect, and the sheer sound of his music & melodies are always as interesting, enticing, entertaining, and genuinely sincere as you can possibly find anywhere in the scene, anywhere in the world.  Back with a brand-new single called “Perchè” – he’s clearly putting out some of his finest work early in 2020 – this is a truly gorgeous song.

From the notes I’ve got here behind the scenes…lemme just tell ya…the work has certainly been put in by Farinato once again.  I mean, you can see it onscreen in the fun you’ll have watching “Perchè” – but understand just how much extraordinary work goes into something like this.  Not only is “Perchè” shot frame-by-frame of course…but I suppose to challenge himself even MORE somehow, Mario Marco decided to haul out a laptop computer and went with LINUX of all things to make this magic happen.  If you’ve spent five whole minutes with any ol’ average person trying to figure out what Linux even IS, believe me, you’ll know the task at hand in making an entire video would be no easy task at all…yet here it is, “Perchè” looks wonderful and sounds absolutely beautiful – check it out!

Environmentally & socially-conscious, Mario Marco Farinato brings attention & awareness to a wealth of important issues we all face throughout his words on “Perchè,” in addition to specifically dedicating this particular single to those in Australia currently battling the extensive damage caused by the wildfires they’ve been experiencing for far too long now.  Panchopigna reminds us that we’re all in this fight against global destruction & climate-change together through his words, unites us through the pure-hearted intentions of “Perchè,” and offers us a sweetened dose of reprieve through the way he plays & sings this tune.  Not that we’d ever have doubted him at this point, after having posted so much of his music on our pages throughout the years, but you’ll find that once more, Mario Marco proves he’s got a master’s grip on the emotion & melody in his art…and that he can fully transmit these feelings & thoughts to you through his songs.

What I find more impressive than just about anything else when it comes to this dude’s music, is that he always finds the time to stand up for what’s right…and if I’m being completely honest, I sure wish there were a whole lot more Mario Marco Farinatos out there in the world than just the one we have now.  He’s literally & audibly the kind of hero we all need right now…and combined with the soul-soothing way he makes music, his insightful perspective, his dedication to the art & craft, and his always impressive instrumentation…believe me when I say, I always make as much time as I can to listen to what this guy comes up with next.  Listen to the powerful words, listen to the stunning music, enjoy yourself watching the joy you’ll find added into the video – “Perchè” is one of my favorite tunes I’ve heard from Mario Marco Farinato so far – and likely to be one of yours as well.  And that’s saying a LOT – I always love hearing new music from this man, and I can’t ever honestly remember hearing a bad song come out from Farinato, not once, not ever.  When you put this much of your soul into your songs, it’s bound to be noticed and revered by all who listen…and as far as my own ears are concerned, this artist is a freakin’ national treasure.  Enjoy!  And then enjoy it again.

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