Mario Marco Farinato – “Perchè”

Fun fact – some of the first music-videos I ever made were in stop-motion…and to this very day, that style of video is one of my all-time favorites; and this time around, it comes along with one of my all-time favorite international artists, Mario Marco Farinato, aka Panchopigna, whom we’ve featured on these pages many, […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “Bambino Migrante”

Mario Marco Farinato – “Bambino Migrante” – Music Video Release/Review This guy! Always stoked to see Mario Marco Farinato pop onto our screens and onto our playlists…dude’s a fantastic musician that instantly makes me appreciate just how awesome it is to experience artists on an international level – and he’s really outdone himself this time […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “Ultimo Respiro (Live Version)”

Mario Marco Farinato – “Ultimo Respiro (Live Version)” – Single Review This dude never gets old. We talk a lot about music we love as critics & reviewers…or at least, I hope we’re not all complainers & that there’s a few of us fightin’ the good fight on behalf of the independent artists & bands […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “Barber Shop Concert”/ “Willin’”

Mario Marco Farinato – “Barber Shop Concert”/ “Willin’”– Singles Review I’ve always gotten the feeling that Mario Marco Farinato was born to make music.  Judging purely on his level of dedication to the art…from audio to video, from his own songs to the music of others, I genuinely find this guy to be truly inspiring […]Read More

GianFranco Lo Schiavo – “Meravigliosamente”/”Trovati a Parlare”

GianFranco Lo Schiavo – “Meravigliosamente”/”Trovati a Parlare” – Singles Review Good times, good times…GianFranco Lo Schiavo has got a couple of solid tunes on his hands with his latest singles, proving to have that crossover ability & appeal that an international artist often needs to have in order to translate from place to place over […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “La Paranoie”

Mario Marco Farinato – “La Paranoie” – Music Video Release/Review C’mon man! If Mario knew just how many artists/bands I deal with on a daily basis that struggle with ONE guitar – he’d know he was pretty much giving me a heart attack watching him set up TWO in the studio to play in the […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “L’Ultimo Respiro”

Check out an awesome live version of Mario Marco Farinato’s “L’Ultimo Respiro” from a session in Woodstock, NY this past December in 2016! Stunning song from an ever-impressive world-music star – it’s actually a translated cover tune of Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn’s original song “Last Night Of The World.”  Have a look at the video […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “Strappami Il Cuore”

Mario Marco Farinato – “Strappami Il Cuore” – Single Review Two out of three ain’t bad – isn’t that the famous quote from Meatloaf? Truthfully, three out of three ain’t bad either – but I’ll admit of the three songs I’ve recently checked out from singer/songwriter Mario Marco Farinato, this was the most difficult of […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “L’Ultimo Respiro”

Mario Marco Farinato – “L’Ultimo Respiro” – Single Review I have long stood by a tremendous truth about songwriting that has long been known by few and overlooked by many, and that’s that a great song…not just a good song, but a GREAT song, will translate from artist-to-artist, genre-to-genre, even language-to-language and never lose the […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “Nel Deserto”

Mario Marco Farinato – “Nel Deserto” – Single Review Right on!  I really enjoyed Mario Marco Farinato’s music the last time I had a chance to check out what he was up to in the first-half of 2016 last year…even though we might speak different languages in our own native tongues, the universal language of […]Read More