Mario Marco Farinato – Soundcloud Singles

 Mario Marco Farinato – Soundcloud Singles

Mario Marco Farinato – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Review

You know…I’m not sure how many people really get how contagious attitude can be when creating and sharing music with another person when you made it yourself.  We’ve all heard new music…we’ve all heard that song that makes us want to push the boundaries of life or run towards our dreams with that much more spring to our steps – but it honestly just occurred to me that it would be a much more rare few of us that might be able to speak to the artist or people responsible for the music we hear, even once in a lifetime for many.  I’m lucky enough to be able to receive many of the records, songs and singles we listen to from the artist direct as a result of every effort that we make to communicate with the people responsible for making the music we’re listening to, rather than the suits ‘n ties that so often represent it.  Poorly, I might add; they represent it piss-poorly – and that’s why every opportunity we can connect with the music-makers on our planet, we do.

And of course, they come from all over the place!  Case in point – Italian chef of over fifteen years Mario Marco Farinato, who has switched recently from serving up hot food, to serving up hot melodies through his music.  I instantly loved the messages that came along with the music from Mario, and I had to check out and see what this happy-go-lucky character was up to and what his sound & style was all about.  I learned quickly that the name he’s often referred to by, “Panchopigna” was a nickname given to him by his daughter Lene…and as it turns out, much of the inspiration and reason for Mario playing his guitar or singing at all has always revolved around her.  It is quite clear after just a few brief messages from Mario that she has been, and always will be, an incredible light in his world that has put him on a solid path to becoming the best version of himself since the day she was born.

I’ve checked out a ton of stuff from Mario at this point, and much of it has been impressive.  His willingness to get right in there and make music…to constantly PLAY…is completely inspiring.  And there’s no doubt about the skill level – he’s a very strong player.  You can watch him play ZZ-Top’s “La Grange” in a cover song on his vimeo channel that is truly awesome…I don’t know how many times he’s played it before, but I can tell you he’s ALL OVER this one in all the right ways.  It’s fantastic to listen to, just as fantastic to watch…and while you sit there entertained thoroughly, you might notice two things that speak a lot about this musician before he gives you a third one at the end of the song himself.

  • You’ll notice, on his desk, the important inspiration of his daughter Lene never leaves him and is in a photo in the room.
  • For the musicians out there…you’ll notice that he’s not only got a killer guitar in his hand, but a Chapman Stick resting behind him in the background. I’ll put it to you this way…I’ve yet to meet a single musician that had a Chapman Stick that didn’t also have an incredible level of skill and talent as well to go with it.  That told me right there that Mario could be capable of quite a bit and would certainly have the creativity and talent that are necessary to combine in order to play on one of those…and that anything else he’d likely play from the ‘standard’ instruments (i.e. Bass, Drums, Guitar) would probably sound extraordinary.
  • The last insight you’ll get into his character, he reveals on his own to you once he’s finished playing as the humble artist looks down for a moment, says “Almost” and nothing more. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about Mario and his high-standards of himself right there, I don’t know what else could.

Because quite honestly, I was more than impressed with everything I had seen and heard.  For a live performance…of a song I wasn’t even sure he wasn’t checking the notes via-internet on in front of him, I thought the performance of “La Grange” was awesome!  Almost!  Mario!  C’mon man…you gotta give yourself SOME credit!

One of my favorites was a song called “Here In The Morning.”  Great ideas in the way the vocals flow here from Mario…his guitars are speeding away in the distance of this tune, but still just as much of a part of the song and incredibly skillful once again.  It’s actually quite extraordinary when you listen to just how much is being played and how it’s all mixed together.  You can hear that the music itself could swallow-up Mario’s voice at any moment, and his performance on “Here In The Morning” feels like he’s keeping just one breath ahead of that actually happening – BUT…point being, he’s pulled it off extremely well.  I loved the rhythm and the melody of “Here In The Morning” and truly found that to be a song/performance that could captivate me and hold my attention quite readily.

And it’ll just depend much on what you find your favorite sounds of Mario to be.  Maybe you like him in the Country/Western/Gospel style you’ll find on “Dirty Business” – that might be your jam right there.  I can appreciate it; it’s well-played but there’s no doubt about this rhythm, tone & style being visited many, many times throughout the years.  Do my ears seek this kind of sound out?  No!  But, they don’t turn it off either…they just much prefer the innovation of a track like “Here In The Morning.”

He can certainly direct and make a video though!  With his incredible background as a chef – from what I can see, half of what Mario does is film incredible food shots as well!  Here’s the thing though – they ALL seem to come with awesome music too!  I have no idea if he’s the one responsible or not…but at the very least he’s got a powerful mind for onscreen visuals and how to set a mood & atmosphere for impact.  And you’ll hear that from Mario whether it’s a song like “Dirty Business” or “Here In The Morning” – doesn’t seem to matter, he always finds ways to make it all make sense from the eyes to the ears when you take it in.  I couldn’t find any credits to be absolutely certain about this…but I’d be willing to be that what we hear in those videos might likely be Mario as well.

Mostly I mentioned that because…well…if you listen to “Dance Little Sister” you’ll hear that he’s clearly interested in all-kinds of sounds and styles.  Does “Dance Little Sister” work?  Kind of…I can’t say that it’s a sound I get 100% – but at the same time I wouldn’t be arguing that it doesn’t work…it does – but I’d lying to ya if I didn’t say a track like this was a bit on the bizarre-side of music.  That being said, it definitely has a power to it…the hook and the chorus are definitely catchy and go on to prove that no matter what genre you find him in, Mario Marco Farinato has an extraordinary ability to thoroughly entertain.

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